Letters to the editor on market share, concealed-carry, climate change

06/13/2013 12:00 AM

06/12/2013 5:14 PM

Need to regain market share

Regarding “Aviation renaissance?” (June 6 Business Today) and the chart showing how Wichita has lost its market share and influence in the aviation industry: It seems to be a larger problem than just Wichita. Nearly all industries in America are losing market share.

If we are going to enjoy the benefits of a market economy, we need to compete in a global economy and regain our market share. The main question we should ask our elected officials is how their policies make us competitive in a global economy.

Americans are the most-productive people in the world, and many of our segments have a comparative advantage. But too many times the lure of cheap labor has clouded corporate leaders’ thinking, prompting them to relocate facilities where their workforce was not capable of delivering the promised product. Unless we market these advantages, our workers will move on and we will lose these advantages.

Our civic leaders need to sell these advantages to the corporate leaders of the world so America can gain market share in the global economy.



Why packing?

Friday will be the six-month anniversary of the murders of 20 children and six adults at their elementary school. Congress is resisting universal background checks.

The talk of some modest gun-control laws, and the National Rifle Association’s pronouncement that what we need is even more guns, yielded the usual. Gun sales have soared, concealed-carry applications have soared, and the amount of money changing hands has soared.

I wonder – is it just fear? Could they all be cowards desperate for defense from shadows in the night? Perhaps there is something about carrying a loaded gun in public at work in the hormones that is needed to boost not only confidence but feelings of toughness, power, potency, readiness. Dare I think of men and women unconsciously packing heat for such symbolic reasons? I do.



Denying reality

Rep. Dennis Hedke, R-Wichita, took time out from shilling for the oil industry, sponsoring a bill to ban state support for sustainable development, questioning evolution and promoting the teaching of intelligent design to deny the reality of global warming (“Climate science isn’t settled,” June 11 Opinion). Using a combination of discredited junk science, anecdotes and non sequiturs, he assured us that the 97 percent of climate scientists who agree that global warming is real and that human activity is causing it are delusional. To make matters worse, he is the chairman of the House Energy and Environment Committee. Small wonder that Kansas has become a punch line for late-night comedians.


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