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May 13, 2013

Letters to the editor on gun laws, global warming, Kapaun

I am amazed at how we continue to battle across the nation over gun laws. When are we going to stop trying to use the actions of a few to influence the political agendas of many?

Get at root cause of violence, anger

I am amazed at how we continue to battle across the nation over gun laws. When are we going to stop trying to use the actions of a few to influence the political agendas of many?

Our national efforts could be far more beneficial if we went after the root cause, which is obviously an increased amount of tension and violence within our once great country. Our leadership over the past several years has brought us to this, not guns, not knives or hammers or cars or any other object that can be used to inflict pain or death. The people of this country are angry, and continued pressure to take away even more freedoms, whether it is in the area of religion, speech or gun ownership, only adds fuel to the situation.

Sadly, I do not believe the gun debate is about children being killed unjustly. It is more about people wanting to say, “Hey, look at me.”

If it is about the children, then where is the national outcry and mainstream debates over the children who are dying every day from child abuse, neglect and hunger? Where is the congressional action and billions in funding to prevent children from being sold into prostitution?



Driven by greed

Ninety-seven percent of climate scientists in more than 400 research facilities around the world agree that human-caused climate change is real and could be alleviated with responsible action, which if not taken will have disastrous consequences. Most of the few scientists who disagree are paid to disagree by oil industry barons.

The real climate-change controversy is not about the reality of climate change. It is about how reckless, relentless, ruthless, insatiable and irresponsibly greedy a human can be.

The scientific evidence is compelling that if we don’t work to slow and eventually halt this degradation, there is an extremely high risk of massive environmental disruption that will result in millions of human deaths and collapse of whole species and ecosystems.

What moral human would be willing to take that risk, to impose that risk on all of humanity, and to protect the ability to impose that risk by purchasing our government and our media and engulfing the land in a miasmic fog of duplicitous propaganda?

There is something wrong with those people, but our system is centered on and driven by a black hole of greed that empowers the greediest.

There is something wrong with us for letting this happen.


Valley Center

Heat or cold?

The record-breaking cold spell we have been experiencing may be foreboding another Ice Age. After all, some of the same scientists who have been warning us of catastrophic global warming were 40 years ago predicting another Ice Age.

So they may have been right all along, but were simply 40 years premature.

A recognized Russian scientist said recently that the recent inclement weather simply proved we were heading towards a frozen planet.

We may just have to wait a few centuries before we learn which – heat or cold – will destroy mankind.



Shepherd, saint

I arrived in Korea in May 1951 to serve my time there. I was assigned to the 14th combat engineers. After being there a couple weeks, I began to hear among fellow troops about Father Emil Kapaun, who died on May 23 in a Chinese prison. I was told about how he helped his comrades in combat and at the Chinese prison.

I am truly convinced Kapaun is a real saint for all he did to help others. I recently finished reading “A Shepherd in Combat Boots.” This book really convinced me about all Kapaun did for others. I really think the book’s title should be changed to “A Saint in Combat Boots.”



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