Letters to the editor on DD care, Jason Collins

05/09/2013 12:00 AM

05/08/2013 5:30 PM

Keep DD services out of KanCare

I have an adult son with Down syndrome. We are fortunate he was born in the state of Kansas, a leader in community services for persons with disabilities. But the governor’s plan to include long-term care services for the developmentally disabled in the KanCare model represents a certain threat to the well-developed network of services and related county governance developed over the past 30 years.

My son is relatively healthy, so we’ve had limited encounters with the private insurer slated to manage his non-medical services. To date, my few interactions with the insurance provider foreshadow what lies ahead.

Seven different phone calls with extensive hold times were required to get his paperwork sent to me, his legal guardian, instead of his place of residence. Getting a simple question answered about his Medicare Part D premium took even longer. The flood of paperwork and jargon from the insurance company over past months has been intimidating, even for experienced family advocates.

Community services for our son and similar Kansans work. Costs are well managed, especially in comparison to the old institutional model. Almost no states have tried what the governor is proposing, so there is no roadmap and enormous uncharted hazards. This ill-conceived experiment is not worth the risk.



Not homophobic

A column by Bob Lutz regarding Jason Collins saying he is homosexual contained some sad yet not surprising comments (“Colllins’ act of bravery shows we’re changing,” April 30 Sports). To believe that the refutation of sexual bias is “one of the best things happening in America” is at best an overstatement. “Best things” are cancer cures, soldiers coming home safely from war, the unemployed finding jobs, etc.

Lutz also used the phrase “homophobe” to describe those who would disagree with his viewpoint. To intimate that disagreement equals being “afraid” of homosexuals is a prejudiced blanket statement. To also say that those who do agree with him or others on this topic are more rational or tolerant or enlightened is not true.

I am not homophobic, irrational, intolerant or unenlightened. To resort to name calling was unnecessary. I just simply disagree.



Macho fans

Regarding NBA player Jason Collins coming out as homosexual (April 30 Sports): I’ve always hated the whole macho atmosphere of sports and the notions of sports enthusiasts that if you don’t share their imbecilic obsession, your sexuality is in question. I’d like to know what they’re thinking now, mortified that they rooted for a homosexual.

I love the idea of a gay athlete who puts the fear into people who would ordinarily taunt him if he weren’t of massive size and strength. I can picture the rabid sports fiend trembling until he drops his brew knowing what he now knows.



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