Letters to the editor on Southeast neighborhood, pain of dependency, cameras in classrooms

05/08/2013 12:00 AM

05/07/2013 6:07 PM

Still care about neighborhoods

There have been letters to the editor recently regarding the neighborhoods surrounding Southeast High School. My husband and I have owned property in the area just east of the school for more than 30 years. Just recently we purchased several properties from some out-of-state owners. We do not rent any properties that we would not live in.

We have had the opportunity to meet many of the residents who reside there. They live there because they can afford it or they love their homes. All of my tenants are hardworking people. Many live from paycheck to paycheck and are suffering from the economy’s woes.

We are blessed to have the Fabrique Neighborhood Association, which is active in monitoring the area. We have several neighborhood police officers who attend each of our homeowner association meetings to update us on what has been happening in the area. The past two months they have reported that there have been no burglaries. In the 30-plus years we have been in the area, only two of our tenants have been burglarized.

With all the discussion about Southeast High moving, I am afraid that the decision will be made to vacate the area because so many are afraid. There are a lot of property owners as well as investors who still care about the area. I do.



Pain of dependency

I do not know the precise time when it became acceptable (legal) for our government to take by force money earned honestly by one individual to give to another who had not earned it, but that date is a dark day in our nation’s history.

By this time every one of us has witnessed or been personally touched by the heartache and pain of dependency, as it robs individual after individual of ambition, hope and the pure joy that accompanies earned success. Coercion is almost always wrong, but never more so than when helping those in need. Voluntary, sacrificial giving sourced in compassion honors both giver and receiver, while compulsory transfers violate both.

A house divided against itself cannot stand. This nation is exceptional because of a founding belief in ourselves – not the heavy hand of government. Tragically, more than 48 million Americans are now on food stamps. While it is not too late, the sand in the hourglass of our republic’s life is dwindling.



Need cameras

I am a firm believer that we should put cameras in special-education classrooms, because many children with special needs cannot speak for themselves when they are being abused in the classroom (“Academic year could grow for some schools,” April 24 Eagle). I know several people whose special-needs children have come home with bruises on their arms. Most of the time, parents cannot do anything about it because there is no proof that a teacher was abusive.

This should not even be controversial, because teachers, principals and staff members should want recognition for how well they treat children. Cameras would protect the children and the teachers. But the Wichita school district’s lawyer, Tom Powell, decided to drop the proposal because he thinks it’s going to start controversy.

We should not care if it’s going to irritate people and make them talk. We want the cameras to protect the children.



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