Letters to the editor on abortion, gun control, Obamacare, scam, Roving Pantry

04/27/2013 12:00 AM

04/26/2013 5:10 PM

Keep religious beliefs out of state matters

Apparently Gov. Sam Brownback has forgotten that he is governor of a state populated by citizens with a variety of religious beliefs and political leanings. For him to have “JESUS + Mary” handwritten at the top of his notes about a bill that restricts a woman’s right to control her body was an insult to those of us who don’t share his religious beliefs or his belief that the state should interfere in a woman’s decision to have a legal abortion (April 23 WE Blog excerpts).

In fact, most Christians, including 63 percent of Catholics, support the Roe v. Wade decision and do not want it overturned. Brownback’s anti-abortion beliefs represent a minority of Americans.

Those women for whom abortion is against their religious beliefs should not have abortions. It’s been my experience, though, that such women who call themselves “pro-life” do have abortions, then say their situation was “different” from other women’s. Every woman’s situation is unique, making the decision to have an abortion a personal matter. The state should stay out of this personal decision. Brownback should stop injecting his religious beliefs into state matters.



Missing coverage

When Wichita abortion doctor George Tiller was murdered, The Eagle and the rest of the mainstream media covered the story, almost making him out to be a hero. When it was recently announced that another abortion clinic would open in Tiller’s space, The Eagle was on top of the story.

Now, halfway across the country, in Philadelphia, Pa., another abortion doctor, Kermit Gosnell, is on trial for allegedly running a modern-day house of horrors. The charges against him include killing babies after they had survived abortion attempts, when they were out of the womb. Yet most of the mainstream media, including The Eagle, have had little coverage of this story.

Is it because they would have to tell you the truth on what an abortion is, and define that human life begins at conception? The truth is that the only difference between what Tiller did and what Gosnell allegedly did is the location of their victims.

Abortion will never go away if we don’t have a fair discussion as to what abortion really is. Covering up the facts will not help solve the problem. We deserve better from our media. We need to demand that the editors of The Eagle stop filtering the news and tell us the whole truth.



Pointless laws?

Regarding comments by Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, and others about how it is pointless to require gun-sale background checks because criminals will not comply with such laws: Isn’t that the case with every law? Can’t the same thing be said about laws against drunken driving, burglary or changing lanes without signaling? People who break those laws were obviously not deterred because of a statute in a law book.

I cannot understand the mindset that would lead members of Congress to abdicate their responsibility to protect children by passing even the weakest of firearms regulations. Are we so incapable of taking action against murder that we have abandoned our responsibility to even try? I guess our Congress really is the “best that (lobbyist) money can buy.”



Only a myth?

Regarding “Gun myths” (April 24 Letters to the Editor): If your bias is that guns are bad, you are able to easily search the Web and find many articles supporting that thesis. I can discover just as many that pooh-pooh that position.

Let’s consider Chicago, where gun ownership is next to verboten. I suppose all the reports of gratuitous gun violence there are untrue, aka myths?

Where only the bad people may have guns, the good people always suffer the consequences.



Wipe slate clean

I am so proud of Rep. Mike Pompeo, R-Wichita, for rebuking Sen. Max Baucus, D-Mont., an author of Obamacare, for recently calling it a train wreck. Every problem with Obamacare now revealed was clearly flagged by the Republicans; that is why none of them voted for it.

Now the Republicans must keep on message, win in 2014 and repeal this disaster. It should be replaced, not with a federal program but with what members of Congress have: a consumer-driven national marketplace of insurance plans to select from. The slate should be wiped clean, and the states should provide this opportunity for free-market health care.



Taste of freedom

Sometimes, when I want to know what freedom feels like, I go for a walk at the Great Plains Nature Center. If I want to know what freedom smells like, I’ll walk past a local pizza parlor, drive by a bakery or even be downwind from a neighbor’s cookout.

But to really taste freedom, I need to stay up late on any evening and start getting a craving. Then, when the craving is just right, I heat a big mug of steaming hot water and break out the Swiss Miss hot-chocolate mix. About this time is when my real freedom starts to show, because I don’t stop there. Back in my refrigerator is a can of Reddi-wip. A good squirt of the whipped cream, and I’m enjoying my own special mug of my own recipe at the late hour.

That shot of sweet whipped cream gave me the feeling of freedom, because it was my choice to add a special taste that was so good and left me satisfied.



Beware of scam

Beware of a scam related to Publishers Clearing House. I received a letter in the mail from “Novation Legal Finance” that said it had been retained by Publishers Clearing House. It included a check for $3,998, which looked official. It said another check was to be shipped by UPS for $246,001. Too good to be true, right?

It requested a processing fee of $2,995, which raised a red flag to me. I contacted Publishers Clearing House and was told it never charges money for winnings. If a person wins, the winnings are delivered by registered mail or by company representatives to your home.

Please be cautious if you receive a letter like this.



Service a miracle

Roving Pantry is a miracle. It is sponsored by Senior Services Inc. of Wichita. You call Roving Pantry and give your grocery order. Then they shop and deliver the groceries to your door. You pay for the groceries, but the delivery is free. The hardworking, mature adults are patient, kind and helpful. They even delivered groceries to me during a spring snowstorm.

You must be homebound and at least 60 years old to receive this service. I am 75 and blind, and very grateful for this free service.

How do I know what’s on sale? I call the telephone reader for visually impaired and hear the sales read to me.

The number for Roving Pantry is 316-267-4378.



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