Letters to the editor on U.N. arms treaty, assault weapons, bomb control, abortion, Frisbee golf

04/23/2013 12:00 AM

04/22/2013 6:25 PM

Why delegation opposes treaty

Contrary to popular belief (“Dangerous treaty,” April 13 Letters to the Editor), our elected officials’ newsletters might not be the best source of factual information. For those who have been misinformed by the fearmongering right about the draft United Nations arms trade treaty, here is all you need to know about the treaty:

•  The treaty text specifically seeks to regulate international arms trade, across international borders only, for the purpose of promoting peace and reducing human suffering.
•  The treaty affirms the “sovereign right of any state (country) to regulate and control conventional arms exclusively within its territory, pursuant to its own legal or constitutional system.”
•  The United States is the world’s largest international arms trader.
•  The National Rifle Association is vehemently opposed to the treaty.
•  President Obama supports the treaty.

With that, I ask you to draw your own informed conclusions concerning why the U.S. conservative movement, including the Kansas delegation, is in good company with Syria, North Korea and Iran in opposition to the treaty. Clearly, something is rotten in … well, somewhere.



Anti-gun term

Some claim that semi-automatic “assault weapons” are high-powered guns that are meant for war. But so-called assault weapons are more often than not less powerful than other hunting rifles.

The term “assault weapon” was conjured up by anti-gun legislators to scare voters into thinking these firearms are something out of a horror movie. These guns are used for many activities. In fact, the Colt AR-15 and Springfield M1A, both labeled “assault weapons,” are the rifles most often used for marksmanship competitions in the U.S. And their cartridges are standard hunting calibers, useful for game up to and including deer.

As far as the Second Amendment, the blunderbuss and musket were the “assault weapons” of their time. In today’s time, the military have “select fire” full automatic weapons.

I think that if the Founding Fathers were around today, they would be appalled at the wackos who are trying to disarm the American people. Instead of banning guns because of their looks or because people think they are scary, let’s try enforcing current laws. Chicago is one of the deadliest places and has one of the nation’s lowest prosecution rates for gun-related crimes.

The first step to total confiscation is registration. The Toomey-Manchin bill was like the Affordable Care Act: “We have to pass the bill so you can find out what is in it.” Yes, the American people need to be armed and prepared to defend themselves and their families.



Bomb control

The Boston Marathon atrocity has made it painfully obvious that we need to have stricter bomb control in this country. Until we enact some commonsense bomb-control laws, our families won’t be safe on their own streets.

First, we need background checks on pressure cookers, and we need to limit the amount of ball bearings a person can own. We also need a national registry for all bomb owners.

We also need to close the loopholes that let people walk into any major grocery store or large chain store and buy a cellphone. No cellphone should be sold without at least a seven-day cooling-down period and a mental health background check.

If we make bombs illegal, then criminals won’t use bombs. I urge everyone to write his local, state and federal representatives and demand that bombs be made illegal for our children’s sake.



Other options

I totally agreed with “End abortion” (March 19 Letters to the Editor). We must end a woman’s feeling (and a girl’s, since young girls are often the ones who feel trapped with no options other than ruining their futures) that abortion is her only option.

If all females of all ages were educated on smart sex practices and had adequate access to free or low-cost birth control, the problem of abortion would virtually disappear. President Obama was on the right track when he tried to mandate that all companies provide contraceptive coverage for the employees in their insurance plans.

Boys and men also need to be educated about the lifelong financial responsibility they will have if they make a girl pregnant. Let’s hope they also plan to have an emotional commitment, though many do not.

We can stop abortion when we stop unwanted pregnancies, but not before.



Frisbee attention

As a local Frisbee golf player, I would love to see the Frisbee golf parks here get a little more attention. Even though most are memorials or paid for by private parties, the city could really help clean up some areas of the current parks for a more enjoyable time. I would also love to see more sponsored events held in Wichita.



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