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April 18, 2013

Letters to the editor on reducing emissions, global warming, gun rights, what Jesus wouldn’t do

Wichita is asking citizens to help reduce emissions to avoid fines for high ozone levels (April 13 Eagle).

Fixing lights will reduce emissions

Wichita is asking citizens to help reduce emissions to avoid fines for high ozone levels (April 13 Eagle).

The city’s Public Works and Utilities Department should do its part to reduce vehicle emissions by improving traffic control. Stop buying cheap traffic sensors that have been proved ineffective, and adjust timed lights at intersections. Local traffic engineers also have a preference for long green lights. That ends up causing 20 or more vehicles to sit idling at their red light while single cars pass through on their green light, some after approaching from a block away with no other cars ahead of them.

Drivers stopped at long red lights have plenty of time to call the traffic engineers’ office at 316-268-4013 to advise them that the intersection’s traffic lights need adjustment.



What we’ve done

Kansas Sen. Pat Roberts recently said, “I don’t know what we’ve done to Mother Nature, but she sure hasn’t been very kind to us” (April 14 WE Blog excerpts).

It isn’t hard to see what we have done to Mother Nature. We have polluted our air through our unwillingness to clean up our emissions. We continue to use our freshwater rivers as free sewers for our toxic wastes and garbage. We have paved over some of our most productive farmland. In addition to squandering the resources we have, there is more pressure on them because of population growth.

Roberts professes conservatism, but a true conservative conserves and does not despoil something for ephemeral gain. Instead of denying climate change, he should be crafting legislation to protect the wonderful Earth we have inherited. As a leader in the U.S. Senate, he is in a position to lead America to a better future, saving us from reaching the point of no return.

Mother Nature is showing us what happens when we use too much fossil fuel. Climate-change denial is no longer a tenable scientific position. It is time for Roberts to stray from the Republican Party line and vote for legislation supporting Mother Nature, not opposing her.



Warming evidence?

I believe that people who think a little smoke from coal-burning power plants causes “climate change” or “global warming” have overlooked a very obvious piece of convincing evidence: Long before somebody discovered electricity or invented automobiles, the major portion of what is now North America was covered by a giant glacier. Eventually the humans we call Indians occupied the land, and since there weren’t any telephones or smartphones, they communicated by sending smoke signals.

Isn’t it possible that caused enough “global warming” to melt all those ice sheets?



Not ‘sensible’

I take exception to “Will share guilt” (April 14 Letters to the Editor) concerning both the reference to “sensible laws” and shared guilt.

First, none of the proposed gun-control laws is a sensible, well-thought-out law that will do any amount of good. The proposals are at best knee-jerk reactions that do not even come close to addressing the real issue of criminals having guns.

Second, I fail to see the logic used by those who want stricter gun laws that says anytime some nutcase goes out and kills someone, anyone who ever owned a gun is somehow guilty by association. We are told not to judge the Arab world by the acts of a few extremists. Yet every time someone shoots someone in this country, all gun owners are somehow also responsible.

I do not accept that responsibility, and I do not and will not feel guilty for opposing the gun laws being proposed.

When the anti-gun crowd decides to address the real problem of criminals and those who are mentally incompetent having guns, and proposes laws that will truly address the issue, then I will be willing to seriously consider them. In the meantime, I will continue to oppose laws such as those being proposed today and will support members of Congress who are working to maintain our Second Amendment rights.



Actions confusing

I have read and heard that Gov. Sam Brownback is a very religious man who is kind toward the poor. That would indicate he has studied the New Testament. If all that is true, then his actions are confusing.

Jesus would not give the wealthy tax breaks while breaking a promise to end the temporary sales-tax hike.

Jesus would not lower property taxes on expensive new cars and raise them on old cars that poor people can barely afford.

Jesus would not make it harder for the elderly and disabled to get the aid they need. He actually cares about these people.

Jesus would not deny a federally funded Medicaid expansion that Kansans will pay for in federal taxes whether or not we receive the service. He certainly wouldn’t cause hospitals to be shut down or severely cut back because of the losses caused by not expanding Medicaid.

Brownback should study what Jesus would do for the poor, disabled and elderly in the state. It is certainly not what he and Republican Christian conservative extremists are doing in Topeka.



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