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April 13, 2013

Letters to the editor on gun control, fertilization, special movie, super Shocker, Eagle writer, Wichita welcome

After just having come through an election in which the right to vote, voter suppression and voter-ID laws were front and center, guess what? A group of Republican senators, including Kansas Sens. Jerry Moran and Pat Roberts, vowed to keep a bill in the U.S. Senate from coming up for a vote (April 10 Eagle).

GOP doesn’t want vote on gun control

After just having come through an election in which the right to vote, voter suppression and voter-ID laws were front and center, guess what? A group of Republican senators, including Kansas Sens. Jerry Moran and Pat Roberts, vowed to keep a bill in the U.S. Senate from coming up for a vote (April 10 Eagle).

The Republican problem is that the National Rifle Association is against expanded background checks, but 90 percent of the people are for them. So if the Republicans vote “yes,” the NRA gives them a bad grade. If they vote “no,” they might not get re-elected.

Isn’t it sad that some U.S. senators are afraid of an organization giving them a bad grade? Sounds like grade school.



Dangerous treaty

I wonder how many people get the newsletters from Kansas Sens. Pat Roberts and Jerry Moran. There is a lot of fluff in them sometimes, but if you don’t get them, you should.

Moran recently told about how the United Nations Conference on the Arms Trade Treaty failed to reach consensus on a treaty text, with Iran, Syria and North Korea objecting to the final draft. Though the treaty text remains objectionable on Second Amendment grounds, Moran said, the veto demonstrates clearly that negotiating an arms-trade treaty with dictatorships is misguided and dangerous.

Many informed citizens have worried for months over the potential implications of this dangerous treaty, which the administration could use to circumvent the rights of citizens to manufacture, sell and buy guns. And now we find out that the nations with which the administration is negotiating are some of the most radical terrorist nations on Earth.

Folks, we have simply got to start paying more attention. The media, including The Eagle, are not reporting the vile and despicable lengths to which this administration will go to deceive and disempower the populace on issues such as guns, voting rights, immigration, taxes, government spending, and on and on. Moran, to his credit, is trying to keep us apprised.



On being human

“Not human beings” (April 6 Letters to the Editor) tried to rationalize away what is or is not human. I’m sure many cells slough away over the lifetime of a human being. But a human being is present when life is recognized in the body, and, no, I’m not talking about individual cells or germs.

I have an older brother who had a leg amputated. My brother is still there; he remains a human being. No one is perfect, but life does not depend on perfection but on an essence that sciences, with all their wonderful acquired knowledge, cannot explain. Philosophical rationalization for the goal of obtainment of personal acceptance of one’s own viewpoint does not eradicate prima facie evidence of life.

It is very sad that rare exceptions have been used as an excuse to terminate so many unborn innocent human beings.



Grant same rights

If the Legislature and the governor want to enshrine in Kansas law that life begins at fertilization, they should put the state’s money where their mouths are and grant all those fertilized eggs the complete rights of citizens.

Expecting parents should then be able to claim state (and possibly federal) benefits – including children’s health insurance, food stamps and tax credits – nine months early. Kansans should then also reach the age of majority at 17 years and three months after birth – and have voting rights.

State-issued IDs would need updating, as everyone would need a “Kansas age” and a “federal age.” Whether 20-year-olds on beer runs from other states would benefit from the extra nine months would be up to the courts, no doubt.

Also, all deaths of those not born would have to be investigated by the Kansas Bureau of Investigation or local authorities, as is the case for the rest of us. Families would be brought in as quickly as possible for interrogation by experienced professionals. What grieving mothers need – in addition to the counsel and support of family, friends, religious leaders and doctors – is a thorough grilling downtown.

If you don’t like a rule, enforce it.



Support kids, camp

Abused and abandoned children are often overlooked in our city. There are very few organizations that do more than just furnish the basic needs of our city’s orphans. But one organization that goes above and beyond to make sure that these children know there are adults who love them and wish them success in life is Royal Family Kids. This organization has been offering a weeklong summer camp for the past 16 years for abused and neglected children in Sedgwick County.

This weekend (and all next week) a movie will be showing at the 21st Street Warren Theatres inspired by this camp and others like it nationwide. The movie is called “Camp.” A portion of the proceeds of ticket sales will be returned to Royal Family Kids to support sending local children to summer camp.

Please consider attending this movie with your family. By doing so, you will help create life-changing moments for children of abuse.



Super Shocker

I have been a faithful supporter of the Wichita State University Shockers since moving here in 1981, and I have so enjoyed this past month of Shocker support and pride within our community. I hope the spirit continues on the campus and within our city.

One person I would like to applaud for doing her job unbelievably well is Debbie Kennedy, executive director of the WSU Alumni Association. Anyone who has planned a party knows the time and effort that go into making it a fun time. Kennedy has just completed a month of parties for thousands of people in cities across the nation, often having parties happening in two cities simultaneously. She has made travel arrangements for fans to go to three different cities. Through it all she has been friendly and attentive to hundreds of questions to help others get to the Shocker games and pep rallies. The pep rally in Atlanta was so much fun.

Kennedy and her staff have put much thought, time and energy into preparations that look effortless – but anyone who has planned a party knows that doesn’t just happen. So congratulations, Debbie. You get my vote for entertainer of the year.



Another good writer

I read with interest the letter regarding the interesting writers at The Eagle (“Talented writers,” April 3 Letters to the Editor). As the letter was about coverage of the Wichita State University basketball team, most of the writers mentioned were sportswriters.

One of my favorite writers is Roy Wenzl, who isn’t a sportswriter but writes some very good articles.

Years ago he wrote about a girl who had lived on the street when she was young. The other day he did a follow-up on her now that she is an adult (“Center will build on rescue outreach,” March 24 Eagle). He also has written a book about Father Emil Kapaun, which I will buy.

I have been a subscriber to The Eagle for many years. I even remember when the Beacon came in the afternoons.

I just wanted to give Wenzl a little credit, too.



Wichita welcome

I want to thank Wichita for its hospitality. The budget committee of the Kansas Authors Club needed someplace to hold a meeting. The members of this committee come from various parts of the state.

Goodcents, at North Rock Road and K-96, opened its doors before its regular business hours to accommodate us in the early morning hours on April 6. It did not even require us to buy anything.

We appreciated the restaurant’s hospitality, and it certainly was nice to get a welcome in Wichita.



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