Letters to the Editor on redefining marriage, Coen, Bel Aire candidates, Eakins, Blubaugh

03/30/2013 12:00 AM

03/29/2013 6:20 PM

What are limits to redefining marriage?

Where are we going with marriage? How are we going to redefine marriage? What are the new boundaries going to be? Where will it stop?

As legislatures and courts go about people-pleasing efforts to change the definition of marriage, we are being told that in order to avoid discrimination, we must allow for same-sex marriage. We are being indoctrinated with the message that we must not ever discriminate against someone’s sexual preference. Some states now say marriage is for any two consenting adults, thus “ending” sexual discrimination.

Have we solved the problem or created another one? What if someone’s sexual preference is to live with two other consenting adults? Are we going to discriminate against more than two people being thus married? What are the limits? Who determines this? Are we not better off honoring our Creator’s plan?


Bel Aire

Get out and vote

The Sedgwick County Election Office has noted that typically only 13 percent of eligible voters turn out for April elections. Do we really want just a few voters deciding who will run our schools and city?

Your vote does count. It’s lovely outside – let’s all get out and vote.

Early voting has started. Check www.sedgwickcounty.org/elections for early voting sites, which will be open from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday. The election office will be open from 8 a.m. to noon Monday. I encourage every registered voter to get out and vote.



Vote for Coen

South Wichita (City Council, District 3) has the opportunity to “hire” an unusually well-qualified candidate. Young, intelligent, enthusiastic, principled and soon to graduate with a degree in economics, Clinton Coen is already a community volunteer and advocate for more transparent government.

Coen has spoken before the City Council more than once to urge better financial responsibility. He is determined that your tax dollars go to necessary core services such as streets, water, fire and police, not for various tax incentives for developments that should be privately funded. His opponent has shown evidence of a lack of ability to manage his own finances and responsibilities (March 23 Local & State).

Vote for Clinton Coen for City Council, District 3.



Bel Aire candidates

The city of Bel Aire is on the road to continued growth and development of our outstanding, quality community. We – current and former Bel Aire mayors and other public officials – enthusiastically support Carolyn Smith, Betty Martine, Peggy O’Donnell (incumbent) and Ramona Becker for the four open seats on the Bel Aire City Council.

Each candidate has a long record of community service in Bel Aire, fiscally conservative leadership, and friendly, open communication with Bel Aire residents. Each will work well with incoming Mayor Dave Austin.






Bel Aire

Choose Uhlschmidt

I am writing to encourage all Bel Aire residents to vote for Andrew Uhlschmidt for Bel Aire City Council on Tuesday. Uhlschmidt is pro-family, pro-life and pro-community, and very budget-conscious. He is the only candidate running who has young children, and one of very few who even have children at home anymore. He hopes to represent the young starter families that make up a good portion of Bel Aire.

Uhlschmidt is investing in our community by being involved at church, coaching at the Bel Aire Recreation Center, and volunteering with Meals on Wheels. He has been endorsed by Kansans for Life. Voting for Andrew Uhlschmidt is a great choice on Tuesday and an investment in our future.


Bel Aire

Eakins involved

I wholeheartedly endorse Joy Eakins for the Wichita school board, District 2. In addition to her outstanding personal character and experience in business, Eakins understands the importance of volunteerism and mentoring. Beyond mere understanding, she has been actively involved in youth mentoring personally. Her experience in and passion for volunteerism will help USD 259 continue its long tradition of promoting and utilizing community support in the education of our youths.

As a longtime mentor myself and board president of Youth Horizons, I know the impact a mentor can make in the life of a student. Eakins is a great mentor and a great candidate. Her experience and passion will benefit our city and our students.



Roots in schools

I am writing to urge everyone to vote for Joy Eakins for District 2 of the Wichita school board. I have lived in the district for many years, and my wife and I are actively involved at Robinson Middle School and Hyde International Studies and Communications Magnet Elementary School. Eakins has spent hundreds of hours at Hyde helping students early in the morning with math, volunteering for school events, and providing support for teachers and staff. She has dedicated much of her free time to making Hyde one of the best elementary schools in the city.

We already have plenty of experts helping the district with financing and accounting. What we need is a person who has strong roots in our school community and cares about kids, and who is genuinely interested in making our schools better. Joy Eakins is, without a doubt, that person.



Blubaugh cares

I would like to offer my recommendation for District 4 Wichita City Council candidate Jeff Blubaugh. I have known Blubaugh my whole life, and I have always admired his passion for hard work as well as serving his community. He serves on the Goddard school board and school site councils as well as his homeowners’ association executive board. He serves on junior football boards, coaches junior football and is passionate about the future of our community.

Blubaugh’s work experience at Cessna Aircraft Co., as a real-estate agent and as a small-business owner would give the council a perspective of how both big business and small business serve our community. Though other candidates may be influenced by large campaign contributions, Blubaugh’s campaign is mostly self-funded, and he will only owe allegiance to the voters of District 4.

Blubaugh is someone who cares about his community and the future of Wichita.



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