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March 29, 2013

Letters to the editor on school funding, Brownback posts, Dave Thomas, zoo, liquor sales

Residents in the Southeast High School area should not aim their anger toward the USD 259 school board. They should be angry with our Legislature.

Make voices heard on school funding

Residents in the Southeast High School area should not aim their anger toward the USD 259 school board. They should be angry with our Legislature.

As superintendent John Allison so aptly stated at Monday’s board meeting, “The frustration should be at the failure of our state to adequately fund public education” (March 26 Local & State).

Allison said that the only way to get more money into schools is for people to contact their government officials and be heard – as our school board members have their hands tied. The governor has proved that education is not a priority for his administration, and we, the lowly voters, must make our voices heard.

Southeast neighborhood parents should consider that their children will have a much better environment to learn in at a new school, with more modern facilities. And just think – the neighborhood will be less congested with speeding high school students.

I am sure the school board will find a suitable use for the building and land that will keep the area the school-safe environment it is for the middle and elementary school students.

Have faith in the school board to do the right thing with the monies that are available to it – afforded by your Kansas representatives and senators, whom you also have voted into office.



Posts deleted

About the only way to communicate electronically with Gov. Sam Brownback is through Facebook. Yet what we recently posted was taken off his page within 15 minutes.

We wrote that we were so sorry that the governor of the state of Kansas is so against those with disabilities and also those who think the arts help people. Those families with disabled children and adults need all the help they can get in order to keep going. Yet the message we pick up from the governor and his administrative team and conservative lawmakers is that those who are disabled aren’t that important.

Our son has Down syndrome and always will need help. There are so many others with specific lifelong needs. We pray to God that Brownback and his team will wake up and be compassionate and want to help.

After realizing that our Facebook post was taken off, we posted again and said that we noticed they only keep positive postings and deleted the negative ones. Within five minutes, that post also was gone.

We encourage those who stand behind the disabled and the poor and who support the arts to defeat all those conservative Republican representatives and the governor in the next election. We are Republicans and are ashamed of their lack of conviction to support those who need our support.


El Dorado

Choose Thomas

Dave Thomas will make a great Wichita City Council member for District 1. He is a long-term resident of our city and has a degree from Wichita State University in marketing and management.

The first concern of our government, he says, should be basic services such as police, firefighters and maintaining the infrastructure. Thomas will be interested in the well-being of all Wichita residents, not just those on welfare. We must balance our budget. He knows there is no mysterious someone behind the scenes who will bail us out when we spend more than we take in. He believes that removing the obstacles to business success – not subsidizing businesses with citizens’ money – will help our economy grow. City Council deliberations should be more open, and campaign contributions from contractors should be restricted.



Zoo educates

Once again, an Opinion Line contributor was guilty of not seeing the forest for the trees. Saying the Sedgwick County Zoo shouldn’t receive much-needed funding because we need to spend it educating our children (March 23 Opinion Line) is like saying we shouldn’t have a savings account because we need money to live on.

In today’s world, zoos exist for more reasons than simple entertainment. On a planet of disappearing habitat, zoos are essential for the preservation of threatened and endangered species (God’s creatures, remember?). They also function as a means of educating both young and old about the world we live in.

If you and your children will read the signs at each exhibit, you’ll learn where those animals come from, how they are sustaining themselves or dwindling, and other fascinating data about places and issues we know too little about.

A lot of my knowledge of geography, history and human culture came from reading signs in zoos and museums.

Education isn’t just for the classroom. Opportunities to learn are all around us. We need to preserve them before they, too, disappear.



Open the market

Kansas is long overdue to modernize our alcohol laws. It makes no sense that we can’t buy a bag of ice or a wine bottle opener when we’re at the liquor store, and it’s equally senseless that we can’t buy craft beer when we’re shopping at a grocery store.

It is time to open the market and let consumers decide where to shop for alcohol.



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