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March 26, 2013

Letters to the editor on National Doctor’s Day, Poor, Wings, abortion, snowy delivery

Saturday is National Doctor’s Day, an annual opportunity to pay tribute to a group of professionals who touch our lives in so many ways.

Pay tribute to physicians

Saturday is National Doctor’s Day, an annual opportunity to pay tribute to a group of professionals who touch our lives in so many ways.

The physicians in our community chose their professions because they want to serve, to care for patients, improve their health and ultimately impact their lives in a positive and personal way.

Physicians seek to help others. They work long hours and late nights, and have hectic schedules.

In addition to their total dedication to the profession, they are asked to comply with regulatory guidelines, documentation and a never-ending volume of paperwork, which is increasing as the health care industry changes.

Physicians also need to stay current not only on their clinical knowledge but on the fast-moving computer technology industry. In the end, physicians continue to focus their efforts directly on the most important thing: their patients.

Physicians in Wichita also give extra effort in education. They graciously give their time to training and educating residents and medical students. We have a robust resident-training program in Wichita, with 272 residents in training in 2012. Many of those residents go on to practice medicine in Kansas.

I am proud to serve with physicians who strive to ensure that their patients receive the highest quality of care available. In today’s world, that outstanding quality has to be documented and is fast becoming visible to the public.

Please join me in wishing every physician a happy National Doctor’s Day.


Chief medical officer

Via Christi Hospitals


Vote for Poor

I was happy that The Eagle editorial board endorsed Scott B. Poor’s candidacy for USD 259 school board in District 2 (March 24 Eagle Editorial). It has been my pleasure to serve District 2 on the school board since 1999. I strongly encourage everybody to support Poor in the April 2 election.

The Wichita school district is facing the worst fiscal crisis in decades. Poor has a background in public finance and budgeting. His background makes him uniquely qualified to face the challenges ahead. We are going to have to make some very hard decisions in the next few years, and I am confident that Poor will always put the interests of the children first. As a parent of two small children, he understands what’s at stake. And as a small-business owner, Poor knows that Wichita must have excellent public schools in order to grow and prosper.

Poor will bring knowledge and enthusiasm to the Wichita school board. His leadership will be critical in addressing the school-finance crisis and in making sure that the district continues to deliver a strong education program for all of its 50,000 students. He has my support, and I urge others to vote for Scott B. Poor for Wichita school board on April 2.



Save the Wings

I am a longtime fan of the Wichita Wings and am troubled at the decision to sell the Wings (March 20 Sports). There is a loyal fan base that wants to see the Wings succeed. It is time our city, business community and fans came together to save, once again, a viable part of Wichita’s heritage.

It is time we have an ownership and front office that will work with fans to make this happen. The Wichita Wings has had good attendance numbers that at times rival those of the Wichita Thunder, yet without all of the promotions of the other teams in the community. The team also has more than doubled the attendance of most Wichita Wild games. I know, as I have had season tickets for both teams for the past two years.

Wichita needs the Wichita Wings. Hopefully, we will have the Wings back with a new and improved ownership and management team.


Park City

Abortion wrong

The writer of “Imposing religion” (March 21 Letters to the Editor) stated that current attempts to curtail abortion “are based upon religious ideology.” In fact, the efforts to curtail abortion are based on kindergarten science.

Are the fetal cells growing within a pregnant woman human, animal or plant? They are human. Are the cells living or dead? They are living (or else the question of abortion is moot). Is the fetal DNA the same as the mother’s or unique? It is unique. What word is defined as “killing with aforethought or taking away the life of a distinctly unique living human being”? It is “murder.”

No Bible verses are needed and no religious interpretation is necessary to see that abortion is wrong.



Snowy delivery

High marks to Gene Evans, our newspaper delivery guy. On a snowy Sunday morning, we met him at our door as he was trudging through our unshoveled neighborhood. He was in his sneakers and said the snow caught him off guard when he had headed out after midnight.

This would be remarkable except that this is his standard every day, all year.

We and our neighborhood of Forest Hills thank him.



Letters deadline

Letters to the editor about the April 2 election must be received at The Eagle by 3 p.m. Thursday in order to be considered for publication.

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