Letters to the Editor on Pompeo’s ‘home run,’ health care costs, planting trees, abortion, kind strangers

03/23/2013 12:00 AM

03/22/2013 6:26 PM

Sequester isn’t a ‘home run’ for many

Rep. Mike Pompeo, R-Wichita, shouted from his mountaintop that the sequester was a “home run for America.” If allowing less money for teachers and meat inspectors, dropping up to 600,000 women and children from food safety-net programs, and risking a return to a recession is a “home run for America,” then we need to take a good look at the congressman and his ideas and policies before the next election. I am greatly disappointed in the callous, heartless and uncaring attitude that he is attempting to sell to the 4th Congressional District and Kansas. Pompeo has scraped the bottom of the barrel when it comes to empathy.



Killer health costs

I stopped by my favorite independently owned pet store to pick up some dog food. The owner said he and his wife had hoped to hire a couple of people to help out so that they might “slow down.” But after taking a look at the cost to offer health care benefits to the potential new hires, they decided they couldn’t afford it, especially in light of a 20 percent increase in their premiums for the upcoming year.

A recent news article said employers can expect to see 40 to 100 percent increases in the cost of their group health insurance plans. Let’s hear it for Obamacare.

I recently had a particular wellness procedure as part of a physical. I tried to get a clear statement of the cost from the insurance company and physician. In the course of that conversation I was asked, “Why do you care? You’ve got insurance.” I’ve got insurance, all right. Cost me $1,200.

I picked up a prescription at the drugstore and looked at the actual price of the drug on the patient-information documents – $147 for a 30-day supply, for which I paid $30.

Time magazine’s recent cover story “Bitter Pill” uncovered the fictional, nonsensical pricing of health care, supplies, drugs, tests and procedures. And it’s all protected by lobbyists’ political campaign contributions on behalf of the insurance companies, the pharmaceutical industry and hospital corporations.

The pill is not bitter. It is cyanide.



Plant a tree

I was pleased to read about the city arborist’s plea to plant trees (Mar. 20 Eagle). During the 30 years I have lived in the Midtown neighborhood, I have planted more than a dozen trees on my property.

Thanks for including a list of trees that are recommended by the Extension Service. One tree (not on the list) I would caution against planting is the sweet gum. The trees are very hardy and offer much shade throughout the summer. The downside is that they produce thousands of hard, spiny gum balls. If the trees were out in a pasture, they would not be as much of a problem as they are near sidewalks, roads or driveways. The gum balls create a mess and potential hazard by causing people to slip and by being “shot” by a lawn-mower blade.

Please plant a tree, just not a sweet gum.



Woman’s business

A letter writer said that during a 41-year period Kansas was associated with the deaths of more than 10,000 children annually, or about 28 per day (March 19 Letters to the Editor).

Children are not aborted. Get your facts straight: An embryo or a fetus is aborted, not a child. They are only children after they are born. It should be up to the mother as to whether she has an abortion, not anyone else. Is it an injustice, as the letter writer called it, or is it a right?

Do you want to support those children for 18 years each? I think not. So mind your own business.



Warning needed

A letter writer claimed there was good reason for doctors who will practice at a Wichita abortion clinic to keep their identities private, for otherwise they would be in danger (March 17 Letters to the Editor).

Too bad we can’t give a warning to those developing humans who will lose their lives if their mothers take them to that clinic.



Kind strangers

A big “thank you” to the kind couple who paid for our dinner at Sal’s on March 16.

My granddaughter and I went to Sal’s to have a “just for us” celebration for her 15th birthday. What a special occasion these delightful strangers made for us. Their kind comments to me about Carley made me proud. The chef went out of his way to celebrate her birthday. We were so surprised to discover our meal had been paid for by this wonderful couple. I was even more thankful to them later, upon learning what a big impression they made on her.

We’re sorry we didn’t learn their names so we could send flowers or at least a card. I hope they receive The Wichita Eagle so they will know how much they are appreciated. May God bless and keep them safe.



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