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March 13, 2013

Letters to the editor on dental practitioners, Medicare for all, abortion doctor, liberals, White House tours, Lady Shockers

The Kansas Mission of Mercy held recently in the Wichita area highlighted the number of dental professionals and staff who are willing to give up their personal time one weekend a year to provide care for people who need but can’t afford dental care.

Dental practitioners increase access

The Kansas Mission of Mercy held recently in the Wichita area highlighted the number of dental professionals and staff who are willing to give up their personal time one weekend a year to provide care for people who need but can’t afford dental care.

It also highlighted the vast unmet need for dental care that exists in our state – a need so large that we cannot volunteer our way out of it by holding a two-day annual event that typically provides care to about 2,000 people. And, very importantly, this event does not solve the ongoing and follow-up needs of the people who attend KMOM. In fact, my association gets a number of calls each year after the event from people who need follow-up care.

Although the volunteers at KMOM should be commended for their work, we can and must do better. One part of a long-term solution is to add registered dental practitioners – a dental “mid-level” similar to physician assistants in the medical field – to the workforce.

The addition of these practitioners would help ensure that more Kansans have access to regular, ongoing care at all times – not just two days a year.


Executive director

Kansas Association for the Medically Underserved


Medicare for all

I, too, have read the Time magazine article “Bitter Pill: Why Medical Bills Are Killing Us,” which was referred to in Albert R. Hunt’s commentary “Health care is more broken than we thought” (March 9 Opinion). I believe the article should be required reading for every member of Congress.

The outrageous cost of health care in America is no longer just an economic issue; it is a moral issue as well. Who but the privileged 1 percent could begin to afford the cost incurred by those described in the article? The idea of losing your home and other assets, of being hounded by collectors, because you could not immediately pay the huge bills is beyond comprehension, but that is what thousands if not millions of Americans are facing.

The option of Medicare for all is even more compelling. All lawmakers in a position to do something about this untenable health care situation should ask themselves: What if I were facing the circumstances being described, which are putting so many of my constituents in such jeopardy?



Dr. No Name

Welcome to Wichita, Dr. No Name (“South Wind clinic coordinator hired,” March 10 Local & State). The abortion doctor, who wants to remain anonymous as long as she can, likened having an abortion to having a diseased gallbladder removed. I understand why she wouldn’t want patients to know her name, as she lacks experience with either procedure.

I guess abortion really is “a private matter between a woman and her physician,” as some claim. It’s so private that the doctor doesn’t even want her patients to know who she is. Of course, if you’re ashamed of your work, anonymity is understandable.



Liberals not afraid

A recent Opinion Line contributor asked, “Why are you liberals so afraid of us Christians?”

The reader made two assumptions that need to be addressed before answering the question. The first assumption is that liberals are non-Christians. It is true that some liberals are atheists, agnostics and members of other religions. But I’m willing to guess that the majority of liberals in America identify themselves as Christian.

As a liberal, I believe that it is our – meaning the people of the United States – responsibility to help those less fortunate than ourselves. One of the reasons that liberals believe in helping those less fortunate is that you never know when you may become a member of that group. Oddly enough, Christ taught the same thing.

The second assumption the reader made is that liberals are afraid of “Christians.” I don’t believe that liberals are afraid of Christians. What I would say is that the liberals don’t trust people who profess to be “good Christians” and then act as if they’ve never read the New Testament.

Regarding the person’s question, the answer is simple: Liberals aren’t afraid of Christians. What we are afraid of is an intolerant majority that feels it is free to force its views upon the people without the consideration of the minority situation.



Not White House

Sen. Pat Roberts, R-Kan., needs to get his facts straight (“Canceling tours a political game,” March 10 Letters to the Editor). It wasn’t the White House that canceled public tours; it was the Secret Service. It has to cut its budget like everyone else because of the sequester, and it decided to cut White House tours and concentrate on its core mission – to protect the president, his family and other public officials.



Deserve better

As a season ticket holder, I was appalled that I could not watch or listen to the Wichita State University women’s basketball game Saturday against Missouri State University. The Lady Shockers won the game and thus are the winners of the Missouri Valley Conference. WSU’s successful women’s team certainly deserves better media coverage and recognition for its first conference title.



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