Letters to the editor on League of Women Voters, shameful policy, Mueller sale, Citizens United

03/04/2013 12:00 AM

03/01/2013 5:26 PM

League bringing about change

March is Women’s History Month, and the League of Women Voters Wichita-Metro asks the public to remember the achievements of women in the past and celebrate the successes of women today.

The league is proud to honor the work of generations of women this month. We are particularly grateful for the incredible work that women in Wichita have done to improve our community, educate voters and make our democracy work for us all.

You might not know them by name, but we are sure that you have seen members like Betty Ladwig, Ann Starch, Sally Dewey, Marge Zakoura-Vaughan, Mary Knecht, Ellen Estes, Ernestine Krehbiel, Vivian Wasser and many more registering voters, monitoring debates, hosting speakers and educating voters down through the years.

League members work year-round to assist first-time voters, provide balanced information about important community issues, and improve the quality of life in the Wichita metropolitan area. This month, the league is focusing on joining with other leagues in Kansas in our concern about KanCare implementation problems and providing education funds to our schools.

The league is the place where active men and women leaders are bringing about change. For information on Women’s History Month and other upcoming events, visit lwvwichita.org.




League of Women Voters-Wichita Metro


Shameful policy

Watching Anderson Cooper’s CNN show recently, I was introduced to the documentary “The Invisible War,” about sexual assault in the United States military. I am appalled.

Rape or sexual abuse that occurs in government or the military is no different from that occurring in civilian life. Yet military and governmental personnel are confined – ridiculously confined – to having their grievances dealt with by their employer and their employer solely. We the people are not limited to mediation or keeping the complaint within the confines of our employer.

Why are the human rights standards and laws applied to personnel in the federal government and the military different from those applied in civilian life?



Hold off sale

What is the best way to dispose of Mueller Elementary School, a community asset with an appraised taxable value of $1.7 million? Would you hold a quick sale (Feb. 16 Eagle) and let it go for $56,000?

Why not have a one-year review process, whereby other entities have a reasonable chance to see if it would fit into their plans?

Why nearly give it to a private developer who may seek government grants or low-interest loans and then offer the refurbished property to those who access housing subsidies to pay the rents?

This would be a triple play for a developer: cheap property, cheap or free fix-up money, high rents guaranteed by the federal government.

This needs a second look, and other community stakeholders deserve a chance.



Take a stand

Citizens United is a U.S. Supreme Court decision that allows people, corporations, foreign governments – anyone or anything – to spend unlimited amounts of money promoting policies and candidates. It’s time for all good men to come to the aid of their country. A constitutional amendment is needed to grab our politicians and government out of the pit of corruption and out of the pockets of the money changers. This unknown money is a scourge on our democracy.

Please tell your representatives to take a stand and support a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United.



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