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February 23, 2013

Letters to the editor on Keystone, Obama, GOP paranoia, Schodorf, insurance claim

I got back Monday evening from Washington, D.C., where I participated in the largest climate rally ever held in the United States.

Rally opposed Keystone pipeline

I got back Monday evening from Washington, D.C., where I participated in the largest climate rally ever held in the United States.

We had a bus out of Wichita carrying people from Wichita, Winfield and Tulsa. We stopped in Overland Park, St. Louis and Indianapolis to pick up more. A total of 50 people from America’s heartland traveled all day and all night to get there Sunday. About 40,000 Americans plus some Canadians, including many First Nations people, told our president to act now to stop the Keystone XL pipeline, which already has starting laying pipe in Kansas.

When the pipeline leaks – and it will – it will destroy our beautiful state and pollute our groundwater. This oil is not even destined to be used in our country but will be refined and sent overseas. Keep an eye on this story, because it will affect you, your children and your grandchildren.



Do some work

President Obama was all for the sequestration he helped create last year, but this year he is against it. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., is all upset that the GOP has filibustered Chuck Hagel’s nomination as secretary of defense. Hagel was an enlisted man in Vietnam. It seems that he was clueless when questioned by a Senate committee about foreign affairs, and this guy is going to head up the Defense Department. Reid refuses to submit a budget, which the Senate is supposed to do per law. The Senate has not passed a budget in four years.

With sequester coming on March 1, it seems that Obama is out to put thousands more folks in the unemployment line. Maybe if Obama spent more time in the White House and did some work instead of flying all over the country in Air Force One, this country’s budget would be back in the black and not the red.



Arsenal of paranoia

Just when I think contributors to the Opinion Line have reached the height of their paranoia, somebody raises the bar. Now they’re suspicious of President Obama because he’s calling for affordable early childhood education. Is the far right so paralyzed by their hatred of this man that they think he’s trying to politically indoctrinate our children in the guise of public schooling, or do they honestly not know the difference?

Well, here’s another item they can add to their arsenal of paranoia. If the United States doesn’t get its act together and start encouraging the study of the hard sciences and math in our schools, we’re soon going to become the other thing the far right fears and hates so much – a Third World country. It takes more than military might to make a country strong in today’s world. It also takes an educated populace.



Schodorf should run

In 2014, when we have the opportunity to elect a governor, it behooves us to encourage a person to run for that office who possesses the characteristics that will provide constructive leadership for our state.

There is a person who is well-known in this state as a constructive politician, who has consistently demonstrated her willingness to listen and consider all sides of issues before making decisions, who views them from an unbiased point of view, who is considered a moderate in her political views and has demonstrated her willingness to work constructively with legislators across party lines. That person is Jean Schodorf, our former state senator. The next election should highlight her as a prime candidate for the office of governor.

I am concerned for our state, and I would feel much better about the direction that our state would be taking with her at the helm. I hope that you will join me in encouraging her to run for that office in the next election. She would do an exceptionally fine job for all of us – not simply those of a single, personal, political philosophy.



Unfairly penalized

Think twice before submitting a claim to your insurance company.

Our house was broken into recently. We called the police and turned in a claim to the insurance company. Of course, those responsible will not be found.

We then got a bill for the renewal for the house insurance, and the premium had increased significantly. We thought we would just shop other insurance companies for a lower premium, but at least two companies would not accept us due to the break-in. Now for three years the premium will be high. We lost the “no-claim discount” – through no fault of our own.

If we had just repaired the damage without turning in a claim, it would have been cheaper in the long run. Seems unfair to me.



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