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02/10/2013 12:00 AM

02/08/2013 5:52 PM

Leave the turnpike, KTA alone

The Kansas Turnpike is the best single part of our highway system in Kansas. It is the “jewel in the crown” of our state. Every few years there is a proposal to merge the Kansas Turnpike Authority with the Kansas Department of Transportation under the guise of realizing significant “savings.” No concrete financial details are ever put forward to demonstrate that any such “savings” will in fact be realized and that the turnpike will not be adversely affected.

The true objective of merging the KTA and KDOT is to out-and-out rob the KTA and divert money rightfully devoted to the upkeep, maintenance and improvement of the turnpike. Politicians see a goose – the Kansas Turnpike – laying golden eggs that long ago were strictly promised to build, maintain and improve an excellent, user-financed private highway system connecting Wichita, Topeka, Lawrence and Kansas City. They want to steal the gold and spend it for other purposes.

Do we want to kill the “goose” so politicians can get their “pork”?

Leave the Kansas Turnpike and the KTA alone. The turnpike is the only thing in this state that works the way it is supposed to.



Survey a shame

What a shame (and sham) the city and county “citizens survey” is (Jan. 31 Eagle). Its construct is obviously intended to provide some kind of mandate for local politicians to gain just a bit more control of our lives and pocketbooks.

Do I agree or disagree with the statement that “I am willing to make personal sacrifices for the well-being of future generations”? Oh, please. Where is the “Have you stopped beating your spouse” question?

A lot of expense could have been avoided with a simple letter to citizens stating: “You are too ignorant or selfish to make appropriate choices. Please provide us with sufficient funding and we will act possibly in your best interests but certainly for some future generation. Trust us. Sincerely, your humble career politicians.”

Wichita State University should be embarrassed by such a demagogic so-called survey.



Maybe not bad idea

I have been thinking about the judicial-selection amendment before the Kansas House. Since 1967, we have had five Democratic governors serving a total of 28 years, and we have had four Republican governors serving a total of 18 years. Bill Graves was the only Republican to have served two terms. In fact, since George Docking was elected in 1957, the odds are our next governor will be a Democrat. Based on this, Gov. Sam Brownback only has two more years, and it will be almost that long before the amendment would take effect. Maybe we progressives should recommend passage.



Honor petition

I am one of the thousands of people from the Wichita metropolitan area who signed the petition to express opposition to having an abortion clinic open in a residential neighborhood (Feb. 6 Local & State). I peacefully and prayerfully protested at George Tiller’s facility and will do the same if South Wind Women’s Center opens.

President Obama wants to protect all children. I also want to protect all children, but would include the children who are in their first home, the womb, where we all started. If you take one group of people and say they are not protected, who will be next? Will it be my elderly mother or children who are disabled, like my daughter Laura while she was alive?

“Ignore petition” (Feb. 5 Letters to the Editor) stated that “the clinic would go about its business behind closed doors and cause no problems.” I disagree. An abortion, whether at 14 weeks or 9 months, destroys a baby, wounds a woman and hardens hearts.

Let us work together to create a world where resources are available to pregnant mothers, all life is respected regardless of the circumstance surrounding conception, and abortion is unthinkable.



Mind own business

Regarding “Clinic foes present petitions to council” (Feb. 6 Local & State): Is it not self-evident to David Gittrich, development director for Kansans for Life, that there would be no traffic problems and extra police calls in the vicinity of the new women’s clinic if only he and his followers would mind their own business and tend to their own lives and livelihoods? Leaving other people alone to pursue their own choices would be extremely kind and rational behavior to adopt.



Joyous noise

The recent break in the cold weather has allowed for pleasant, quiet evenings at home watching TV with the door slightly ajar to let in fresh air. Well, except for the drive-by throaty rumbling of a Harley with no muffler. Oh, and the deep bass rumbling of subwoofers that many thoughtful drivers share with me and others. Lest I forget, there is also the pleasant sound of my neighbors’ dogs. At any time of the day and evening, I can listen to at least one of the 17 gleefully singing away. Their owners never interrupt their songs. I’m looking forward to even warmer weather, so the ice-cream truck can join in by driving up and down the streets with the air filled with even more joyous noise.

I love cold weather.



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