Letters to the editor on Sandy relief, tax-and-spenders, Penn State suit, K-State loss

01/09/2013 12:00 AM

01/08/2013 5:24 PM

Delegation didn’t represent Kansans

I read with great despair that all four of the people Kansans elected to the U.S. House of Representatives voted against aid for the victims of Hurricane Sandy. I can assure the citizens of Atlantic City, N.J., and other cities damaged by Hurricane Sandy that they are not representing the wishes of the people of Kansas. Kansans are generous people and believe in helping their neighbors.

Nearly six years ago the little town of Greensburg was destroyed by a tornado, and the next day it was hard to reach the town because so many people were trying to get there to help.

I don’t know how it happened, but we have elected four people who don’t have a lick of common sense. All they can see is: If it costs money, vote “no.” Unfortunately, it will be two years before we can fix it.

Though I am speaker of the Kansas Silver Haired Legislature, these are my opinions alone. However, all the people I have talked to feel the same way, and we are disgusted with the whole Kansas delegation.



Don’t deny aid

We should all thank Rep. Mike Pompeo, R-Wichita, for his insightful explanation for why we should deny federal flood-insurance relief funds to the Hurricane Sandy survivors. He explained that the Senate had not passed a bill to reform a flood-insurance program, and because there was a deficit in the program already he did not want to add to the deficit.

Wow. I hope he’s never in charge of first responders at an accident scene – standing over bleeding bodies with his clipboard, working out the cost of the ambulance and emergency-room services before giving aid.

Don’t get me wrong – there has to be a balanced budget. But in cases like this you spend the money and then work out a way to pay for it, even if it means raising taxes or, God forbid, cutting Congress’ budget.

Pompeo’s world of business plans and profit-and-loss statements with big bonuses for the executives doesn’t work when it comes to mental health care, disasters, fighting poverty and providing health care for those who aren’t in his tax bracket (to name just a few important government programs). I hope he doesn’t run again in two years. We do not need any more ineffective representation from Kansas.



Tax and spend

Why don’t I think liberal Democrats have any inclination to stop their out-of-control spending? Maybe it’s because the fiscal-cliff bill that was not read was passed within minutes of it being brought to the floor of the Senate. It could also be that it was loaded with pork, including about $222 million for rum producers, $59 million for algae growers, $248 million for Hollywood, $78 million for NASCAR and $7 million for electric motorcycle makers.

Now I have found out that the Hurricane Sandy relief bill that was created in the Senate has even more pork in it that has nothing to do with Sandy relief. There is money in this bill for fishery relief in Alaska and Mississippi, which were not affected by Sandy.

We the people re-elected these liberal Democrats so they can tax and spend money we don’t have. Wise up, people.



Suit misguided

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett has brought suit against the NCAA over the penalties against Penn State and its football program (Jan. 2 Eagle).

First, Penn State and Corbett, as a board member, already have agreed to all sanctions. Also, its football program could have been terminated for years, but instead was allowed to continue.

Furthermore, the governor’s comments, and suit, do not take responsibility for the leaders and employees at Penn State who chose to cover up the crimes against children on their campus by former assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky.

Corbett should take the lead from various Penn State students who have said that they just need to support the team and move on.

Another tragic part of this story is former head coach Joe Paterno, and what he did to destroy his own legacy. If Paterno had stepped up to protect children, people could today walk by his statue (which has been removed) and say, “He was a great coach and a good man.”



Better athletes

When will people stop making excuses for Kansas State University’s recent bowl loss? It hasn’t been losing bowls because players are “rusty” or from anything of their own doing. K-State simply is being beaten by better teams with better athletes.

Head coach Bill Snyder and some of the K-State players recognize this, but the fans and local media don’t seem to.

This is what happens when you have three-, four- and five-star athletes from universities in other conferences playing against the two-star athletes and junior college transfers in Manhattan.

I was hoping for a Fiesta Bowl win for K-State, but it’s time to recognize reality. Be happy with K-State exceeding expectations and having really good seasons with trips to very good bowls, and accept its place in the college football pecking order.


Rose Hill

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