Letters to the editor on deficit, Roberts and Moran, same rhetoric, one race, Ike memorial

01/08/2013 12:00 AM

01/07/2013 5:21 PM

GOP not concerned about deficit

It should be clear now what kind of damage Republicans in Congress are inflicting on our economy and our country. The fiscal crisis we just got through was generated by Congress. We can now look forward to more of the same, as Congress again will refuse to pay for the spending it voted for.

The Republicans claim to be seriously concerned about the deficit, as we all should be. Holding the country hostage to ensure the top rates don’t go up too much is not paying attention to the deficit; it is paying attention to the very wealthy who have decided they no longer need to pay anything close to a fair share of the burden.

We can expect cuts in Medicare, Social Security and Medicaid. Already we have seen cost-of-living allowances for Social Security on the chopping block. They want to turn Medicare over to the private market, which will make the cost to our seniors skyrocket.

Congress should be working to lower the cost and not cost shifting. This very thing is also happening in our own state, as Gov. Sam Brownback turns Medicaid over to the private market. That’s good for his supporters and the insurance industry, but bad for those who need the services.



Acted like adults

I commend Kansas Sens. Pat Roberts and Jerry Moran for voting for the deal to prevent the fiscal cliff for 98 percent of Americans. It’s good to see some Republicans acting like adults to get something done in Congress, instead of playing political games and demonstrating obstructionism.

Neither Republicans nor Democrats got everything they wanted in the bill. It’s called compromise – something many Republicans seem to have forgotten. Kudos to both senators for acting like adults – unlike Reps. Mike Pompeo, R-Wichita, and Tim Huelskamp, R-Fowler, who are still playing political games.



Same old rhetoric

Happy New Year, and nothing much has changed.

New Congress, same old rhetoric. No compromise.

Then we have The Eagle editorial board commenting about entitlements, as if somehow that is just free money to the recipients (“Fiscal deal disappoints,” Jan. 3 Eagle Editorial). Wait a minute – what is all that money being deducted from my paycheck? Why have I been paying FICA tax? How dare these politicians act as if we have not paid for these benefits. Funny how these politicians at the federal trough never mention how cutting their benefits and pay might be a solution.

Listen up, people. Social Security is not adding to the deficit, and the surplus over the years has been used to mask the actual deficit.

Now we have a contingent of legislators who have no intent to compromise and have actually been kicked out of committee appointments. Great job, Rep. Tim Huelskamp, R-Fowler.

I am afraid that when the truth about the great experiment that Gov. Sam Brownback has bestowed upon this state comes out, the middle class will bear the brunt of his ill-advised policies.



Only one race

Just to illustrate how ridiculous this concept of dividing people up into different races is, think about Labrador retrievers, whose coat colors come in black, yellow and chocolate. On the outside, these dogs may all look different, yet nobody refers to them as the “black Lab breed,” the “yellow Lab breed” or the “chocolate Lab breed.” They are all just called Labs, no matter what color their fur is.

So why are we still trying to classify people into the “black race,” the “Asian race,” the “Hispanic race,” the “white race,” etc? All people are human beings, no matter what color their skin is. And on the inside everyone has the same basic needs: food, water and shelter for survival; to love and be loved by others; to have a place in the world.

There is only one race of people on this planet – the human race.



Ike deserves better

Judy Burgess, a former mayor of Abilene, expressed her enthusiasm for President Dwight D. Eisenhower and for a memorial to him proposed for Washington, DC. (“Ike was liked at State Fair,” Oct. 9 Opinion). It is because we of the National Civic Art Society share her enthusiasm for Eisenhower that we advocate an alternative memorial based on traditional principles of art and commemoration.

Through our counterproposal in March 2011 (see civicart.org) we have offered a variety of tradition-based memorials, any one of which would be meaningful, beautiful and an adornment to our nation’s capital. Frank Gehry’s modernist proposed experiment, divorced from the traditional language of memorials, is so much meaningless babel.

He proposed mammoth rectangular solids randomly lying about and teetering atop one another, and gray steel-mesh screens with images of random trees upon them. There is no amount of techno-glamour by way of “e-memorial” features that could overcome the senseless ugliness of Gehry’s proposal.

We want Ike remembered in the dignity and beauty that only a traditional memorial can deliver with certainty. We urge Kansans, and all Americans, to implore their representatives in Congress to settle for nothing less.


Vice chairman

National Civic Art Society

Washington, D.C.

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