Letters to the editor on arming teachers, Hollywood gun hypocrisy, church and state, attacks on Christmas, Nativity contest

12/29/2012 12:00 AM

12/28/2012 5:00 PM

Arming teachers adds to gun problem

It is hard to believe that after the carnage in Newtown, Conn., there are those who believe we need to start arming the teachers in our schools. That is all we need now – to add to the more than 300 millions weapons out there already and to continue adding to this Congress-made problem.

This would make it even more convenient should there be another shooting at another school, as the shooter would not even have to take a weapon with him. He could just use the ones in the school already.

The people who want to arm teachers are certainly die-hard National Rifle Association followers or members of the Republican Congress, which is already owned by the NRA.

There is no good reason for anyone, including hunters, to own or use high-powered weapons with ammunition that can put 11 bullets into a child within minutes.

Those who feel the urge to use weapons of this caliber should join the U.S. military. I do not believe it would take long before they changed their mind and decided that might not be as glamorous as the NRA makes it out to be.



Hollywood hypocrisy

The film industry, which has been producing violence- and smut-filled movies and games for years, had the unmitigated gall to delay the premieres of the movies “Jack Reacher” and “Django Unchained.” Some sporting-goods stores, which make a living off us, are choosing to not sell Bushmaster guns.

I submit that if that massacre in Newtown, Conn., had been of adults, this “crisis of let’s do something” would not be happening. Hooray for Hollywood and political-correctness hypocrisy.

Enforce the laws on the books, improve mental health screening, and arm the teachers and security guards.



Not separate

In a letter complaining about Gov. Sam Brownback’s proclaimed “Day of Restoration,” the writer operated under the misconception that anything associated with government must be completely void of religious expression or symbol (“Keep separate,” Dec. 16 Letters to the Editor). The Constitution states that the Congress (and state legislatures) shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. Brownback did not sign any law that was in violation of the First Amendment; he signed a proclamation.

The letter writer claimed that there are dangers “when religion and government are mixed” and stated that there are several examples to back this up. However, history is also replete with examples of what happens when government and religion are kept separate. Do the words “communism” and “fascism” ring any bells? More have died at the hands of those godless philosophies than from any religious one.



Stop the attacks

A letter writer wondered why it is that Christians feel “like they own” the portion of the calendar around Dec. 25, the national holiday to celebrate Christmas (“Room for all,” Dec. 21 Letters to the Editor). I believe it is a natural reaction to the aggressive tactics used by those who are hostile to the majority of Americans who call themselves Christians in an effort to take away Christmas from us.

We Christians look at the multitude of lawsuits being filed in an effort to remove all Nativity scenes from public lands, which belong to us also, and see a coordinated effort to further marginalize Christians from an increasingly antagonistic and secular society. Santa Monica, Calif., is the latest city that now denies Christians the right to carry on a long-standing tradition to display a series of artistic re-creations of that magical night 2,000 years ago when our Savior was born. The Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life has found that government restrictions and social hostility toward religion are at an all-time high in the United States, pushing us from “low” to “moderate” in terms of restrictions on religion.

We don’t mind sharing the calendar with other religions. Our Jewish friends have celebrated Hanukkah as long as we’ve celebrated Christmas. We just ask that the attacks on Christians and Christmas stop.



Hold Nativity contest

I agreed with a letter noting the lack of Nativity scenes, probably because of fear of offending atheists and others (“Few Nativity scenes,” Dec. 23 Letters to the Editor). You can’t even find any to buy anymore.

I am offended that so many lack the courage to display the reason for the season and celebrate the birth of Jesus. Let’s all take a stand who agree, and build our own next year. Let’s have a contest between east and west Wichita, north and south Wichita, and, for a little incentive, get sponsors for prizes for various categories, such as most creative and most artistic. I am old but creative, and would love to help any takers in the Westlink area.



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