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December 22, 2012

Letters to the editor on gun control, turkey abuse, radon gas

“A well regulated Militia” does not mean private citizens. The way I read the Second Amendment, that implies that gun owners are to be a part of the security of the state in a militia. It never mentions private ownership. It means a military.

Guns are supposed to be well-regulated

“A well regulated Militia” does not mean private citizens. The way I read the Second Amendment, that implies that gun owners are to be a part of the security of the state in a militia. It never mentions private ownership. It means a military.

As a gun owner and a hunter, I come from a long line of responsible gun owners. Enough is enough. It is time for our country to address responsible gun ownership and to get past the idea that we cannot legislate guns. Our Constitution insists they be well-regulated.

I propose registration of all firearms and shutting the gun-show loophole. Inherit a car? You still have to register it to use it. Make it the same with guns.

I also support mandatory insurance on the guns. A hunting gun? Cheap insurance. An assault rifle? Incredibly expensive. Or better, make assault rifles and high-capacity clips illegal.

If we can make something like child porn illegal in spite of the First Amendment, surely we can make military weapons illegal in spite of the Second Amendment.



No new gun laws

We do not need any more gun rules and controls. Half of the existing rules cannot be enforced and do not work, such as gun-free zones. The other half are probably unconstitutional.

In fact, according to our Founding Fathers, guns, including assault weapons in the modern context, belong in the hands of the citizens and their state militias, as is plainly and eloquently spelled out in the Second Amendment. The founders did not craft the Second Amendment to protect the rights of hunters and target shooters.

Assault weapons are the sort of tools that will be used if “push comes to shove” and the citizens must violently oppose a tyrannical federal government.



Enact strict laws

How many more innocent children and bystanders will need to be sacrificed to the bloodlust of gun-wielding fanatics before Congress has the courage to enact strict and meaningful gun-reform legislation? The gun-loving radicals of the National Rifle Association are also often among the leaders of the so-called right-to-life movement. Am I the only one who sees a contradiction in this radical theology?



Protect all life

How ironic that President Obama, who told a mourning community that one of a nation’s greatest priorities is protecting its children, is the same man who supports abortion rights during the first nine months of their lives.



Speaking the truth

Thank you, Eagle editorial board, for the heartfelt editorial “Too much death, violence” (Dec. 18 Opinion). Our city is blessed to have such a fine newspaper and brave people to speak the truth. Thank you for giving a voice to what so many of us think and feel about this issue in a way that was both articulate, passionate and succinct.

May God bless the editorial board and other people at the paper who are looking out for our children and making Wichita a better place to live.



Abuse sickening

The article about University of Kansas fraternity members allegedly torturing a turkey was sickening and angered me (Dec. 18 Local & State). I cannot imagine what kind of person would “rent” a live animal to attend a drinking party. That person has no regard for the welfare of the animals in his care. The responsibility for the animal’s welfare lies squarely on his head.

The people who allegedly abused, terrified and tortured that bird should pay dearly for their crimes as well. Anyone who was at the party who observed their behavior and stayed quiet should feel immense shame at not intervening.

Animal cruelty is not a sport. It is not a game. It hardens people to horrible acts. It’s not a far stretch from animal cruelty to cruelty against people.

Animals cannot speak for themselves. We have to be the ones to protect and care for them.



Check for gas

My daughter, a Wichita resident, has lung cancer. Because she never smoked, the likely cause is radon gas, which is the second leading cause of lung cancer. This colorless, odorless, radioactive gas is created as uranium in the ground breaks down. It was found to be at a lethal level in the basement of her home. Test kits can be purchased at the hardware store or extension office and sent off to be analyzed. If you have radon above a safe level, specialists can install a pump and get rid of it. This is a Christmas gift you can give your whole family.



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