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December 15, 2012

Letters to the editor on tips for retailers, foreign aid, reason for season, Gaza, animal charities, cane mystery

I have a different perspective from that of “Tips for more pleasant shopping” (Dec. 8 Letters to the Editor).

Retailers can make shopping pleasant

I have a different perspective from that of “Tips for more pleasant shopping” (Dec. 8 Letters to the Editor).

The letter writer stated that his primer was based on years of experience in retail. He advised shoppers to leave bad thoughts at the door, to not expect a quick checkout, to leave the kids at home, to not be rude, and more. I agree that this positive approach to any part of our lives is good advice.

My perspective is also based on years of experience in retailing, in my case 25 years in management. The people who trained me, the people I trained and those with whom I worked were taught that it was our job to cause the customer to have a pleasant shopping experience. This was accomplished by having what customers wanted with plainly marked prices, giving them all the help they needed and wanted, and treating them like they were those who paid our salaries.

This was all an unwritten summary of our job descriptions. That, of course, was back in the day, but it would still be good business, and facilitate a happy holiday season.



Cut foreign aid

Don’t cut so-called entitlement programs before cutting or, if necessary, eliminating foreign aid. Our seniors and poor should not do without while nations unfriendly to us benefit from our generosity.

Give seniors what they need – a pay increase every year – before sending financial aid abroad. Give seniors medical coverage and prescription-drug coverage without a doughnut hole before sending financial aid abroad.

Seniors paid their taxes all their lives in this country. What have most foreign nations done for us, except find fault with everything we do?



Why so upset?

A political cartoon disparaged Israel’s efforts to build housing for its people in the so-called West Bank (Dec. 8 Opinion). In the cartoon, Palestinians were worried about “weapons of mass construction.” I don’t understand why the Palestinians are so upset. They expect the world to soon give them Judea and Samaria, Israel’s ancient heartland.

If this happens, will they not need housing for all the Arabs expected to rush in and occupy the place? Do they fear that Jews will continue to live in these buildings? Not to worry – in the truly apartheid state envisioned by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, no Jews will be allowed. Or is it that Palestinians are anticipating the cost of demolishing everything built by the Israelis, as they did in Gaza?



Reason for season

Despite what some claim, most of the original settlers of our great country were Christians. The Founding Fathers wrote our Constitution and our Bill of Rights based on biblical morality. We since have evolved into a great nation with customs and modes that reflect the Christian values our founders envisioned.

Whether or not it’s the actual date, Dec. 25 was selected by Christians to celebrate Christ’s birthday, one of the two most important annual holidays. Now in these days when Christian bashing is popular, there is a very noticeable effort to remove Christ from Christmas with “Happy Holidays” greetings.

Christmas has made December an exciting season; however, our secular materialistic society has caused many to forget the “reason for the season.”

Whether you are agnostic, atheist or part of another non-Christian faction, please stop trying to remove Christ from Christmas. Observe your own special dates, and let Christians enjoy observing Dec. 25 as Christ’s birthday.



Help animal charities

Animal charities are always grateful for donations. It takes special people to work with homeless or abused animals. If you give to the same charities year after year, this year please give to at least one animal charity. You will be glad you did.



Cane mystery solved

Regarding a letter writer’s gratitude to an unknown person for returning his cane (“Thanks for cane,” Dec. 8 Letters to the Editor): The mystery is solved. My father, Lewis Blackwell, was the cane rescuer.

Anyone who knows my dad will attest that he spends most of his day looking for ways to help others. It didn’t surprise me that this was another example of his generosity and kindness. Dad mentioned the letter to me, and I couldn’t help but give him public recognition for just one of the many things he does for me, my family and his friends whenever asked, without being asked and without hesitation.

The letter writer did a fine job expressing his appreciation by writing the letter, and I wanted to repay his kindness by letting him know who helped him. We’re all just glad he didn’t think some crazy person was chasing after him wildly brandishing a cane.



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