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12/14/2012 12:00 AM

12/13/2012 5:43 PM

Cable TV ‘fee’ picks consumers’ pockets

Have you heard? Cable rates likely are going up. No matter what tier of cable you get from the cable television company, you soon may be paying a fee for every TV in your house that receives cable.

Yes, this means even the most basic cable tier may soon cost you money to have on every television, never mind that all TVs are now manufactured to handle channels into the hundreds.

Why is this going to happen, you ask? Well, the Federal Communications Commission has drunk the Kool-Aid from the cable companies.

Cable companies have convinced the FCC that it’s not a moneymaking opportunity for them. No, they say, it will help them improve customer service. By making all subscribers rent a converter box for every television set, the cable companies insist they will be able to diagnose problems, react to trouble calls and better serve their customers.

So the FCC agreed to allow cable TV companies to scramble their entire signal. Until now, it has been illegal for them to scramble basic and local channels.

I, for one, see this latest change for what it is – just another way for corporate America to pick my pocket with the government as its accomplice. If you are of a like mind, you should contact the FCC to voice your disapproval of this new “fee.”



Do what’s right

What “fiscal cliff”? We only have a congressional-made situation.

Members of Congress couldn’t work for the people. But they wanted to recess, so they put together a plan for future taxation and spending reductions.

It’s a congressional debacle they have to correct before another deadline.

They still can’t seem to do the people’s work and compromise to meet the people’s needs.

The Bush tax cuts were a huge deficit-maker. Repeal them by not extending them. A graduated phaseout would prevent the sticker-shock effect.

Those earning more than $250,000 a year need to pay a fair amount to support the country, which affords them the opportunities to do so well.

How can congressmen be made to increase taxes on the very people who pay for their way of life in Washington, D.C.? I don’t know. But if we as citizens can’t make it clear to them that it has to happen, we are giving up our power and resolve.

Write or call our congressmen and tell them to do what’s right for our country.



Deserting ship

A recent Opinion Line contributor said that the rich should take every penny and leave the United States if they are required to pay higher taxes. This is a mentality similar to that of rats deserting a ship.

I would think that after screwing over as many people as possible to obtain the riches they have, the wealthy could be relied upon to help out the country they profess to be patriots of when it is experiencing financial difficulty.



Care about Kate

Send a recent Opinion Line contributor to the Tower of London. Who cares about the newly expecting Duchess of Cambridge and that tall, dashing and handsome Buckingham Palace bloke she married? I do.

Why do I care so deeply? Perhaps it’s because I, like so many, am enchanted by the young couple, whose uncommon dignity, grace and common touch seem to be leading the monarchy into the 21st century.

Or maybe it’s my happy memories of the brilliant film “Love Actually” and the Beatles.

Or maybe it’s my reaction to talk-show host Rush Limbaugh, who thinks pro-choice women aren’t supposed to care about women who give birth. He thinks we’re too busy holding up a mirror and entrapping ourselves in our own vanity.

Who cares, indeed. This is one Yank who is wishing the duchess and her Prince Charming all the best – and a jolly good life together.



Simple gifts

The south-central Kansas region volunteer team of Operation Christmas Child would like to thank the entire region for its dedication and hard work (Augusta, Chanute, Council Grove, Derby, El Dorado, Emporia, Hillsboro, Hutchinson, Independence, Medicine Lodge, Newton, Pratt, Pretty Prairie, Wellington, Wichita, Winfield and Yates Center collection sites). Together we were able to pack 20,400 shoe boxes – filled with toys, school supplies and basic necessities – for Operation Christmas Child.

Our packed shoe-box gifts, joined by millions of others, are now on their way to needy children in 100 countries. During the 2012 collection season, Operation Christmas Child reached a milestone – more than 100 million children have been affected by the power of a simple gift since 1993.

We would like to thank the volunteers at our local collection sites and all those who packed an Operation Christmas Child shoe-box gift. For many children who receive these gifts, this shoe box will be the first gift they have ever received.

The letter was signed by Lisa Caughlin, Grace Schmied, Ann Harms, Susan Martin, Rita Boswell and Bonnie Dakan of Wichita; Debbie Dunagan of Augusta; and Kamie Etzler of Andover.

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