Letters to the editor on firing officials, FairTax, antibiotics in cattle, blood battle

12/13/2012 12:00 AM

12/12/2012 5:18 PM

Fire officials by not re-electing them

When our elected officials in Washington, D.C., call certain programs “entitlements,” do they really understand that the public pays for those benefits in the form of payroll deductions?

When I hear “fiscal cliff,” I wonder if our elected officials understand that the public understands it is not of our making. If the officials were doing the job we elected them to accomplish, we would not be headed for anything other than a balanced budget.

With our economy headed for certain financial ruin again, is it any wonder the public is sick and tired of hearing about cuts in Medicare, Social Security and in the military while the government adds more and more jobs and tells us we have to live with less?

Can anyone fire these guys? After all, they are not doing the job we elected them to accomplish.

Oh, wait a minute – we can fire them by not electing them to office, right? So who is really to blame?



FairTax is best

New York Times columnist David Brooks was right on the mark (“Consumption tax grows economy, curbs debt,” Dec. 6 Opinion).

A consumption-based tax is absolutely the fairest tax for all citizens. As Brooks stated, the tax does not penalize savers, achievers or investment, and this stimulates and grows the economy.

If at the same time the tax were adopted, all loopholes, deductions and tax breaks of all kinds also were eliminated, we could solve our debt crisis in record time.

All of these issues are fully defined in a single proposal already submitted to Congress called the “FairTax” plan. However, as Brooks indicated, the consumption-tax idea is currently off the table, so the plan has not achieved much traction.

If our government is truly serious about avoiding the “fiscal cliff” and reducing the national debt, the FairTax plan would be a good start.



What about cuts?

There were two items on the Dec. 6 Opinion page that I had to comment on.

The first was a commentary by David Brooks of the New York Times (“Consumption tax grows economy, curbs debt”). The entire column was about taxes, and which taxes have and have not worked in the past. Then he promoted a new tax, a consumption tax, which basically is a national sales tax. I am sure this is in addition to all the other taxes that American citizens already pay.

What was missing in the commentary were ways to curb the spending of the federal government.

President Obama is saying nothing about reducing spending, only increasing taxes on the rich. Actually, when all the dust clears, about 51 percent of the American people probably will see a tax increase next year.

The other item was a letter to the editor from an ungrateful retired employee of Koch Industries (“Not saving U.S.”). Why did the writer wait until he retired to vent his feelings about the Koch family? Why did he not seek other employment when the owners became involved in political issues that went against this employee’s views?


Bel Aire

Deserve to know

I appreciated the article “Antibiotics’ overuse in cattle a risk to people” (Dec. 10 Eagle). We deserve to know the truth about our food supply, no matter how hard big business tries to hide it. This was excellent coverage – and once again a story we’d never hear except in sound bites from other media.

Job well-done. Keep on reporting the truth, and consumers will continue to buy the newspaper.



Join the battle

Back in 1994, a group of people came up with a simple idea for law enforcement officers to compete with firefighters to see which group could donate the most blood during the holidays. This idea became reality, and the 18th-annual Wichita/Sedgwick County Battle of the Badges Community Blood Drive will kick off Thursday.

The battle will be held through Jan. 1 at the Wichita Blood Donation Center, 707 N. Main, in downtown Wichita. It is our goal to collect 1,100 pints of whole blood and 260 units of platelets this year. All presenting donors will receive a 2012 battle T-shirt, can vote for a favorite civil servant and be a part of saving lives.

This is an important drive for the American Red Cross, because the holidays are an especially difficult time of year to collect blood. This fun competition gives people throughout Sedgwick County an added reason to donate a pint of blood during the last two weeks of December.

We encourage people in our community to make the time to give the gift of life.

Make an appointment by calling 800-RED CROSS (800-733-2767) or visit redcrossblood.org. Walk-ins are also welcome.


Wichita fire chief


Sedgwick County fire chief


Sedgwick County sheriff


Wichita police chief


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