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December 12, 2012

Letters to the editor on tax deductions, TIF, voting the issues, Democratic Party, dangerous drivers

Regarding “Brownback says lawmakers must fill revenue gap” (Dec. 6 Local & State): Now the truth comes out. Gov. Sam Brownback will be asking lawmakers to find ways to fill the gap of revenue that will be lost when the massive income-tax cuts signed into law earlier this year take effect.

Be careful getting rid of deductions

Regarding “Brownback says lawmakers must fill revenue gap” (Dec. 6 Local & State): Now the truth comes out. Gov. Sam Brownback will be asking lawmakers to find ways to fill the gap of revenue that will be lost when the massive income-tax cuts signed into law earlier this year take effect.

Brownback likely will be asking again to eliminate deductions for interest on home mortgages and charitable contributions. He also will ask to eliminate many other tax deductions and credits. I am positive this will include the earned income tax credit that working low-income families can take, which, in effect, will cause their tax bills to rise.

I live on a fixed income. It’s yet to be seen exactly which deductions I may lose. Brownback seems to not care about the people in my situation. His shortsightedness regarding those tax cuts, which many financial people warned him about, puts people like me between a rock and a hard place, and we are the ones who will be squeezed.

I ask the Legislature to take into consideration the people like me, and be careful with what it chooses to eliminate, so that we can continue to afford to pay our bills, take our necessary medications and buy food.



TIF no-brainer

The Sedgwick County Commission will consider the tax-increment financing request for the project at Kellogg and Maize Road. The money generated by the TIF financing will be used exclusively for public drainage improvements. The public improvements are necessary as part of the city’s ongoing efforts to address west-side flooding.

The TIF financing is part of a public-private partnership. In many cases, TIF is used to subsidize private development, but that is not the case in this situation. There is no special benefit to the private development. However, the improvements will allow a proposed $90 million development to move forward and break ground. A portion of the property taxes generated from the development will pay for the drainage improvements. There is no other money available to fix the drainage without raising taxes on the general community.

Wichita needs economic development, private investment and jobs. We also need to continue to address west-side flooding. Please e-mail the county commissioners and ask that they support this request. This request is really a no-brainer.



Vote the issues

During our past few presidential elections, we have heard a lot about people “not voting their interests.” Democrats are the most vocal (and sometimes the most smug) about this. They say people need to make “informed choices,” and it’s interesting that Democrats are always the “correct choice.”

On the local level, I’ve campaigned for Democrats who have anything but my best interests at heart. They’re more content to cozy up to the business community than to care anything about you or me.

As for the 2004 election, I think Ralph Nader had my best interests at heart. The Democrats have complained about this, but if they had stood by their principles there would be no need for alternative parties.

Here’s a novel idea for American voters: Vote the issues and think for yourselves. Don’t blindly follow one party.



More contacts

Close to an election, every candidate promises everything, and so do political parties. States tend be red or blue based on how the parties answers questions from the citizens, at a time when the elections are not due soon.

In the past, Kansas had numerous governors from the Democratic Party. In the recent election, the Democratic Party won the White House and more seats in the U.S. Senate and House. Still, the Democratic Party did poorly in Kansas.

Instead of blaming the people of Kansas, the Democratic Party needs to increase contacts and communications within itself and with the public.

Many businesses go bankrupt. Schools close their doors. The No. 1 reason is the lack of contacts and communications.



Kellogg danger

A letter writer’s statement that driving on Kellogg “is not rocket science” (Nov. 30 Letters to the Editor) was correct. However, I would prefer not to depend upon her rather tenuous understanding of responsibility and common sense, as well as of the traffic laws of the state of Kansas.

The posted speed limit applies to the entire width of the roadway, not only the right-hand lane. To exceed the posted limit is a dangerous violation of the law. To do so routinely is irresponsible, reckless and amounts to criminal negligence.

Mainline traffic is not required to yield right of way to on-ramp traffic except to avoid an accident. On the other hand, on-ramp traffic is required to adjust speed and yield right of way to merge smoothly with mainline traffic.

The letter writer and other drivers who will not accept the legal and moral responsibility to operate within the law are a very real danger to all other drivers with whom they share the road.

Please make the commitment to learn the laws and, for your safety and ours, operate safely and responsibly within them.



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