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12/05/2012 12:00 AM

12/04/2012 5:33 PM

Uphill battle to reform state politics

Kansas politics appears to be increasingly out of touch with reality and geared toward marginalizing the state and its citizens. President Obama won re-election with more than 50 percent of the popular vote, making him only the third president since World War II to win two consecutive terms with more than a 50 percent majority of the popular vote. Voting trends nationally show that young people, minorities and women are all voting overwhelmingly for Democrats, while the Republicans are favored only by white men and some elderly people.

Of course, Kansas continues to vote heavily Republican with a state government that has moved so far to the right wing that it threatens to undermine funding for public education, to drop commitments to the disabled and poor, and to make access to health care more difficult by failing to set up a state health insurance exchange. Internally, the Kansas Republican Party purged its more moderate state lawmakers in the primary elections. The Kansas delegation to the U.S. House includes the most far-right members of the Republican majority. In the U.S. Senate, Kansas has two veteran Republicans who in the past showed moderate tendencies but, with increasing lack of competition for re-election, have become two of the least accountable incumbents in a hidebound Senate.

This is not a sustainable environment for a workable democracy. Reasonable and informed people in Kansas should not be leaving the state but rather working to reform it. It will be an uphill battle.



Want justice

President Obama wants people to call members of Congress and put pressure on them to raise taxes on the rich. The pressure needs to be on to find out immediately who was responsible for not protecting and sending available help to the people in Benghazi.

I lost my son due to illness. I cannot imagine losing him by the horrendous deaths that our ambassador and the former Navy SEALS suffered. The parents are still suffering and want justice done.



Learn from history

I recently read “The Last Lion,” a biography of Winston Churchill during the 1930s until the time of his appointment as prime minister of Great Britain. It has so much relevance for today. The appeasement policies of the Baldwin, Chamberlin and Halifax governments of Great Britain at that time directly parallel the policies of today’s U.S. government. This, along with the supporting London Times (which parallels our current CBS, NBC, ABC and CNN), actually courted favor with Adolf Hitler.

In retrospect, this seems so strange to us. However, at the time folks coming off of World War I did not want any trouble. Hence: apologize, ignore, appease, tolerate and excuse. There were only a few voices of reason, Churchill being one. There were many opportunities to turn back the tide and reverse the trend into war, but the appeasement policy did not allow for that. The government officials could not believe that someone actually wanted to harm others. They ignored evil. They did not call evil for what it was. The result: World War II.

I would submit that the current U.S. policy is exactly in the same trend lines from the history of 1930s England. And if we do not reverse our trends nationally, we will find ourselves in a much worse position than we were before. Let us learn from history. The United States cannot continue down the current path of self-indulgence and self-interest without reaching calamity.



Abortion reality

A letter writer did a wonderful job spelling out the reality of “men and abortion” (Nov. 29 Letters to the Editor). It might also be noted that some men do come to a realization that insisting on the death of their child was wrong, and they repent. Too bad more aren’t educated on the long-term effects felt by many who have aborted their babies. With this education, fewer babies would die, and fewer women and men would have to suffer with the consequences of these irreversible actions.



Listen to KMUW

KMUW listeners enjoy a phenomenon few other radio listeners can claim. It’s called a “Driveway Moment,” and it happens anytime a story is so compelling that listeners have to hear it through until the end, regardless of whether they’re sitting in their driveway, ready to turn off the motor. It is no stretch to say that every KMUW listener has had many such moments.

What makes KMUW so different? The content. It’s not just song, commercial, weather. The stories are inevitably riveting and last as long as they take to tell.

Topics are as broad as any person’s interests – animals, medical breakthroughs, economic forecasts, cooking, world events, health, political analysis, fun and funny Saturdays. There are also interesting interviews of all kinds – authors, musicians, comedians, composers, scientists, playwrights, movie stars, economists – not to mention jazz and blues at night, followed by the BBC News. No other radio format is remotely as diverse, informative, addictive or well-respected.

And the piece de resistance: no commercials.

If you want to experience your own driveway moments, I urge you to tune to KMUW 89.1 FM.



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