Letters to the editor on Kellogg drivers, secession, Christian exodus, Rove

11/30/2012 12:00 AM

11/29/2012 5:41 PM

Driving on Kellogg isn’t rocket science

To all the people who take Kellogg from the west side: Would you please not drive 60 mph or less in the middle or left lanes? And why are the middle and left lanes coming to a near stop whenever a car merges into the right lane from a ramp?

Hello – drivers in the right lane should be nice (though few are) and let them in. But come on – the center- and left-lane cars do not need to slow down to 40 or 30 mph when you have other people behind you going 63 to 65 mph.

Every day I drive Kellogg I prepare to see or be a victim of an accident due to all the people who put their lives and others at risk. It is not rocket science. If you go 60 or less, stay in the right lane. If you go faster than 60, use the middle lane and left lane. Please.



Deport yourself

It is unfortunate that the people who want to secede from the United States do not heed the advice of the leaders of their own party. Mitt Romney offered a solution for people who feel that they can do better elsewhere: “self-deportation.”

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach suggested that people who do not like the new policies being implemented in Kansas should find another place to live. This should suggest a pathway for the secessionists.



Christian utopia?

A group called Christian Exodus wants to create “an independent Christian nation that will survive after the decline and fall of the financially and morally bankrupt American empire” (“New cry from some Obama foes: It’s time to secede,” Nov. 27 Eagle). Other fundamentalists want to follow suit and secede from the Union.

Judging from the conservative drivel that has been uttered the past few years, their utopia seems to consist of a “Christian” theocracy based on their version of biblical law where the cardinal virtues are greed and social Darwinism. Personal freedom begins outside the bedroom door to fully encompass capitalism with no pesky regulations. You’re on your own regarding market booms and busts and the quality of air, food, drugs and water.

They want a return to the Gilded Age with a little Puritan ethic and Ayn Rand thrown in. Sounds like dystopia to me.



Strange choice

In view of the devastating Midwestern drought and the Democrats’ recent political victory in places other than Kansas, the Kansas Livestock Association’s decision to have Karl Rove address Kansas cattle producers this week was comparable to having a serial arsonist address a convention of troubled fire insurance underwriters.


Boulder, Colo.

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