Letters to the editor on GOP, buying election

11/19/2012 12:00 AM

11/16/2012 5:04 PM

GOP needs to ask why it lost

I cannot help but wonder how Karl Rove and the Koch brothers feel about their recent investment in American politics. The wasted money would have been better spent on humanitarian efforts or something longer lasting, like animals for the zoo or a giant donation to the arts.

One thing is for certain. This goes to show that no amount of money can buy an election if the voters go to the polls with a desire to be heard.

I am guessing that many readers will not agree with what I have to say. I am OK with that. I recognize that I make my home in a red state.

But I urge any Republicans with an inclination to think for themselves to dig a bit deeper and ask themselves why they lost so definitively where it really counted.

Could it be that Americans really do want to disconnect church and state from telling a woman what to do with her body? Issues matter. Maybe a majority of the electorate truly believes that we do need to fix the tax system so that those who can afford it pay a bit more as we pay down our government debt. And Obamacare looks like it is here to stay.



Bought election

Regarding “Can’t be bought” (Nov. 15 Letters to the Editor): Are you kidding? Buying the election is exactly what President Obama did when he promised to forgive college loan interest, extend health coverage for students up to age 26 on their parents’ insurance plans, and provide free contraception coverage under the health care law (“Romney: Obama won with ‘gifts’ to blacks, Latinos,” Nov. 15 Eagle).

With 47 percent of Americans not paying federal income taxes, it certainly would appear that their votes were bought and paid for by the taxpayers. We, as Americans, may never recover. At least the Koch brothers used their own money.



Where’s my gift?

Regarding “Romney: Obama won with ‘gifts’ to blacks, Latinos” (Nov. 15 Eagle): Wait a minute – the people who voted for President Obama got gifts? Where is mine? I voted to re-elect Obama.

Oh, I get it. I’m a 60-something grandma. I’m just young at heart.

I guess there were people like me who voted for all the right reasons. We trust the president to protect a woman’s right to choose (for the benefit of my granddaughter). My kids all voted for Obama, too. They would love to have their student loan interest wiped out. They are responsible adults. Are their gifts under their pillows?

I finally know what our gift is: Obamacare. My family will never have to go bankrupt to afford health care. We won’t have to choose between eating and taking our medications.

My kids’ gift? Their parents can come for a visit – not to live, because they have spent all their money on health care. Medicare will be there for all of us.



Benefits of helping

I shopped at the Target at 21st and Greenwich on the morning of Nov. 12. My car was full of heavy tote bags, and just as I opened my car trunk, a young man from the car next to mine came over and asked if he could help me put my groceries in the trunk. His siblings were helping their mother load their car.

I accepted his help, and he chatted with me as we worked together. He was so helpful and polite, and I felt renewed. It takes just a minute to help someone else, and the benefits are great.

I thanked the young man (he was about 12), as well as his mother for having such a nice son. I’ll be sure to pay it forward.



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