Letters to the editor on new American dream, Legislature, Obama, GOP, sex scandals, not a democracy

11/16/2012 12:00 AM

11/15/2012 5:39 PM

America needs a new dream

In the 1960s, when everything seemed to be falling apart, President Kennedy gave us the dream of going to the moon. That inspired the nation, from schoolchildren to industry, to get behind a single task and make it happen.

We need a new dream.

We challenge young people to go into engineering, but to create what? We ask our students to improve in math and science, but to what use? We want to keep jobs in America – producing what? We need a new dream.

We need the type of dream that will make industry bring its resources to the table for something so inspiring that the world will again admire America. We need the type of dream that will make children’s voices fill school hallways about this dream. We need a dream that pulls this new generation of engineers out of the cloud of “what is” and into a pool of “why not?”

If you have a dream and are allowed to work toward it, you will push yourself harder than you ever worked before to make it happen.

That’s my challenge to President Obama. All I ask is that he and Congress find the new American dream so that all the issues resolve themselves.



For the people?

So, the Legislature now will be locked in by the conservatives loyal to the governor’s will. And the governor now wants absolute control of appointments to the Kansas Supreme Court. And the Kansas secretary of state wants prosecutorial powers in the election process now held by district attorneys and the attorney general.

The conservatives’ goal has been less government for Kansas. But with the results of the recent legislative election and the governor’s Supreme Court goal, won’t the outcome be less government of the people, by the people and for the people?



Next four years

Now that President Obama has been re-elected, here are some suggestions:

Let’s give China a key to the front door of the White House. Maybe China can use our Navy warships to transport its imports and exports. With the huge defense cuts that are predicted, our Navy will not be used to defend America or our embassies and interests in the Middle East.

Next, let all the illegal immigrants be welcomed in America and offer them housing, food, medical benefits and a free education.

To do this, we will take from the middle class and the “rich” their hard-earned incomes. The “rich” will be heavily taxed, because they are guilty of working hard to be successful.

We could turn this around and ask the greediest of the welfare recipients to give a portion of their handouts to the neediest. Can you hear them now yelling “not fair”?

Our children have already inherited this huge national debt, which has been exacerbated by the Obama administration and will continue to balloon out of reach during the next four years.

I am sure our forefathers are turning over in their graves as they see what is happening to the Constitution.



GOP must adapt

Republicans suffered a historic defeat last week, and it was a self-inflicted one. The minute we ceded the party platform to groups such as the tea party, we set forth our demise as a relevant political party.

The ascension of the fringe elements of the party was troubling at the time, and now moderates are suffering at the hands of those who had one agenda: defeating the president.

We also let our party become a victim of hijacking by a conservative media market more interested in marketing dollars then giving voice to a sensible agenda. These same people have neither the desire nor the intellectual capacity to make a meaningful contribution to the political discourse necessary to move this country forward.

Republicans now have a choice. We can shun those fringe elements, regain our compassion for those suffering while holding those accountable who choose to take advantage of systems in place to protect those less fortunate, and remember that freedoms apply to all and not to just some. If we do not adapt and become a party of the people, all people, then we risk taking up residence in the house of irrelevancy.



No one left

If we fire all the government workers in Washington, D.C., who have had illicit sex, who will run our government?



Not a democracy

The final sentence of “No Electoral College” (Nov. 9 Letters to the Editor) spoke of our “democracy.” In point of fact, we do not live in a democracy. Our country is a constitutional republic. And nowhere in the Constitution is there any mention of the ordinary citizen being allowed to vote for the president, vice president or any elected officials at the federal level. The framers of the Constitution made it that way because they knew that electing a president by popular vote would be merely a popularity contest, and that was what they wished to avoid.

When you cast your ballot, you merely advise your appointed electors of your opinion as to whom they should elect. The individual state constitutions allow for the people to vote for their representatives by direct ballot.



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