Letters to the editor on insurance exchange, election buying, why GOP lost

11/15/2012 12:00 AM

11/14/2012 6:40 PM

Insurance exchange isn’t free market

Gov. Sam Brownback has sent some mixed signals regarding health care in the past, but his decision to reject a health care exchange is 100 percent in support of free-market, limited-government principles. Government does not intervene or participate in a truly free market – it stays out of the way. Free-market “exchanges” exist and thrive for auto insurance and homeowners’ insurance because government has not stifled competition by intervening.

Chief Justice John Roberts may have used twisted logic to declare Obamacare constitutional, but it’s no news flash that the Supreme Court declared the parts affecting states to be 100 percent voluntary. The law makes the creation of state-based exchanges voluntary.

The next step is saying “no” to expanding Medicaid. Spending $4.7 billion over 10 years is not the answer, but there are steps Kansas should take to make health care more affordable and accessible.

Eliminate across-the-board mandatory coverage. Eliminate government restrictions on the formation of small groups. Provide individuals with the same tax treatment as employers so they have more choice. Allow health insurance to be purchased from out-of-state providers. The list goes on, with the common thread of diminishing government intervention in the relationship between you and your doctor. That’s how free markets work.



Kansas Policy Institute


Can’t be bought

A lesson that was learned this past election was that elections can’t be bought. Did you hear that, David and Charles Koch? This is the land of the free. When we are told what to think and believe, we tend to rebel.

The American society is changing. The election results verified that. Compassion and consideration of our fellow Americans will become our norm. President Obama was aware of this, thus he won.



Why GOP lost

Now that the presidential election is over, there seems to be much tearing of hair and wringing of hands by Republicans who cannot believe that they were thoroughly thrashed. Here is their answer, plain and simple: Two Senate candidates speak as if they are pro-rape. The presidential candidate speaks of self-deportation, and of 47 percent of Americans as basically parasites that he cares not a whit about. Etc., etc.

The Republican Party has spent the past four years, and particularly the past two years, doing everything in its power to alienate blacks, Hispanics, women and gays. And Republicans wonder why most people, including the majority of these groups, do not support their policies. Wow, just wow.



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