Letters to the editor on casino smoke, conserving water, leadership visit, park theft, littering

11/05/2012 5:40 PM

11/05/2012 5:40 PM

Include casino in smoking ban

Every time I go to the casino, I have a horrible and constant cough. I feel that the casino is flooded with smoke and it is unsafe for the patrons and employees.

Casino managers report that they have an adequate ventilation system, but why does the casino continue to smell like smoke?

When I’m at a table playing a card game and 90 percent of the patrons are smoking, I’m inhaling all that smoke. When one cigarette burns out, they light another. I feel that this should be regulated the same as the smoking ban in almost all other indoor settings.

Most of the patrons are smokers and will oppose the ban, but in all settings there are rules and regulations. At the least, the casino should consider setting up a private large room for smokers, and put more ventilation in that area. This would allow nonsmoking patrons to continue to enjoy their time at the casino, and provide a safer environment for employees.



Conserve water

In case no one noticed, Kansas is still in the midst of an extreme drought. There have been articles in the paper about its devastating effects on our water supplies, roads, crops and wildlife. Did you see the enormous dust cloud blowing up from Oklahoma a few weeks ago? Do you know how many wells have gone dry while people in their fancy housing additions in Andover and Wichita continue to irrigate the roadsides and fill their evaporating ponds for purely aesthetic purposes?

Many neighboring communities have been rationing and conserving water for the past two years. Several cities have had to request additional outside water supplies at great expense.

Some forecasts indicate we will have another dry year in 2013. It is about time for Wichita’s leaders to step up and make some suggestions about how we can help conserve a little drinking water for the future. I’m starting to worry we’ll all be thirsty.



Thanks for insights

Leadership Fort Wayne recently led a delegation of 22 community leaders from Fort Wayne, Ind., to visit the Wichita community to learn lessons about the success that Wichita has had with its downtown and riverfront development. We were hosted by a number of Wichita community organizations and leaders who shared with us their passion and vision for the community. We would like to thank the organizations for their insights and willingness to share their success strategies.

A special “thanks” goes out to all of our presenters and to De Nelson in the City Manager’s Office, Suzie Ahlstrand of the Greater Wichita Economic Development Coalition and Jeff Fluhr of the Wichita Downtown Development Corp. for connecting us to people and organizations and helping us meet our agenda goals.

On behalf of the greater Fort Wayne community, we are most grateful to the Wichita community for hosting our community leaders. We believe that the lessons learned will be beneficial to our own downtown and riverfront revitalization efforts.


Executive director

Leadership Fort Wayne Inc.

Fort Wayne, Ind.

Protect park

While visiting Wichita recently, we discovered Pawnee Prairie Park and walked the entire trail loop. We enjoyed this so much that we decided to return the next morning.

Halfway through our hike, we received a cellphone call from one of our credit-card companies. Our card was being used fraudulently at that moment.

We hurried back to the parking lot to find the driver’s side windows smashed. The thieves took a purse (which also held a wallet). The purse had been on the floorboard of the rear seat, underneath the dog seat cover, and not visible.

The really sad part is that the 911 dispatcher said they would not send a patrol car, as there are too many vehicle break-ins within Wichita. Needless to say, our vacation ended on a very sour note.

The employees in the park office said they also have had car break-ins. They said they attempted to obtain a surveillance system for the parking lot, but that the cost was too great and was not approved.

We hope someone in city government takes note and follows through on funding a camera. Obviously, the Wichita Police Department also needs to step things up.


Farmland, Ind.

Stop littering

Years ago there was a big push nationwide to respect our environment and not litter. There was a litterbag in every car and truck. But now it seems like the bag has been replaced by the street, ditch and gutter.

I am an avid bicyclist, and it saddens me to ride by a ditch strewn with the remains of a Happy Meal and a Big Gulp. Also, the empty pop can has been replaced by the empty water bottle. This is becoming more common, and it is sad. For those of us who love the outdoors, it is disgusting.

I only hope people wake up and realize that for some things there is no “away.”



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