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11/04/2012 12:00 AM

11/02/2012 5:21 PM

Fluoride vote is about liberty

The fluoride vote is really about individual liberty. Fluoride is the only chemical added to drinking water for the purpose of medication (to prevent tooth decay). A majority “yes” vote would force those who do not want the fluoride to take it.

Doctors cannot even make people take medicine without their consent. What makes matters worse is that the chemical to be used as medication is not a naturally occurring fluoride, or the fluoride that your dentist uses or is found in toothpaste. In most cases it is fluorosilicic acid, a byproduct of the phosphate fertilizer industry.



Fluoride not free

The most important subject not being covered is the cost of fluoridating our water supply. Do people think it will be for free? It most certainly will be passed along to us, the consumers.

We can’t control our bills from Kansas Gas Service, Westar Energy or our local utilities. They just go to the city or Kansas Corporation Commission and ask for an increase; then we pay the price. In this case, we can stop this cost from being passed along to us.

So before you vote either “yes” or “no,” ask this question: Can I afford to pay more money out of my own pocket on this issue?



Backed by science

Area dentists and physicians who comprise the Wichita District Dental Association and the Medical Society of Sedgwick County are requesting your support of the community water fluoridation ballot issue on Tuesday. Simply put, fluoride is a safe and effective tool in reducing the incidence of tooth decay.

Our country’s most reputable health organization, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, has long supported the use of fluoride. It considers fluoride to be one of the top 10 public health measures of the 20th century. Professional associations such as the American Dental Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics also support fluoridation.

Locally, more than 525 dentists, physicians and health care providers publicly support this measure. More than 50 faith, health and community organizations also support this effort – organizations such as GraceMed Health Clinic, Kansas Children’s Service League, Kansas State Nurses Association District 6, Wesley Medical Center and Via Christi Health. The thousands of individuals that comprise these organizations serve as the front line of health care in our community.

As your community dentists and physicians, we believe public health decisions like community water fluoridation should be based on solid science and not on emotion. Science clearly supports the practice of community water fluoridation.



Wichita District Dental Association



Medical Society of Sedgwick County


Reduce boat taxes

When you go to the polls on Tuesday, remember to vote “yes” on the constitutional amendment to reduce the personal property tax on boats and other watercraft. Currently, boats in Kansas are taxed at 30 percent of a boat’s value multiplied by the county mill levy. Passage of the constitutional amendment would allow lawmakers to put watercraft in its own category and lower the personal property-tax rate, not unlike recreational vehicles.

For years, some Kansans have registered their boats in neighboring states with lower or no personal property tax, and Kansas has lost critical tax revenue. This constitutional amendment change would make it possible for Kansas boat owners to be taxed in similar fashion as our neighboring states, which have much lower taxes on watercraft.

I strongly urge everyone to vote “yes” on the boat property-tax amendment measure on Tuesday. When you see the ballot, don’t be confused by the wording. A “yes” vote reduces taxes.


Bel Aire

Pompeo represents

I would like to applaud U.S. Rep. Mike Pompeo, R-Wichita, for the job he is doing in Washington, D.C. His values never waver, and they are truly representative of the majority of Kansans. We value small government, the free-market economy, the Constitution and our God-given freedoms, and so does Pompeo.

I firmly believe Pompeo is the one to put America back on the right track. We need a congressman with a backbone to stand up to the president and to continue to combat the Democratic agenda that was set in motion back in 2008. Pompeo is and will continue to be the right man for that job.

I encourage every constituent in the 4th Congressional District to vote for Mike Pompeo for re-election Tuesday. We need him representing us.



Choose Tillman

Hey, 4th Congressional District voters – we have a choice. We don’t have to vote for Rep. Mike Pompeo, whose only defense for killing wind-energy jobs in Kansas was to say he’d introduced a bill to kill even more energy jobs.

Let’s elect a congressman who will fight hard for Kansas jobs. Let’s elect the other guy.

Robert Tillman is a fighter. He served six years in the Kansas National Guard. He has worked in the aircraft industry and the health care industry. He has a master’s degree from Wichita State University and has owned a small business. He has been active in the community all his life.

As an honor, the Kansas Supreme Court retired Tillman’s badge and ID and presented it to him when he retired as a court services officer after 24 years, including 17 as a supervisor.

So instead of voting for the first-term congressman, let’s all make the wise choice and vote for Robert Tillman.



Trust women

Calling America’s mothers, daughters, sisters, wives and the men who love them.

President Obama believes in women’s rights, equal pay and reproductive freedom. He is pro-choice.

Mitt Romney is anti-choice, because he does not trust that women are capable of making their own decisions. Romney wants more laws and government that would restrict women’s rights and the right to make a personal choice.

“Pro-choice” means that women, not big government, should make decisions. Pro-choice is not support for abortions in all cases. Pro-choice simply and profoundly means trusting women more than government.

Personal freedom is at stake. Obama believes in that freedom. Romney and Paul Ryan do not.

Obama has made many remarkable achievements in the face of Republicans determined to undermine his first term. Vote for President Obama to protect personal freedom and to continue his historic leadership.

We’ve come too far to turn back now.



Romney the choice

Four years ago I wrote a letter to the editor saying that we should support Barack Obama, even though I didn’t vote for him.

Four years later, I’m not impressed. Our government is in a very serious mess.

As a matter of fact, a Romney-Ryan sign went up in my front yard two weeks ago. That gesture is the first political sign in my yard in all of my adult years. Tuesday’s election is that important.

I urge you to please consider both candidates before you cast your ballot. Use common sense and consider whether or not you want new leadership for this country, especially a way to fix our economy, or instead want four more disorganized years in the White House. It’s my house as an American, and so I wish for the person residing there not to be an amateur or in way over his head.

I’m voting for Mitt Romney. It’s a clear choice. Remember to vote.



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