Letters to the editor on Ballinger, Snow, Pompeo, Cubbage, Faust-Goudeau

10/31/2012 12:00 AM

10/30/2012 6:14 PM

Ballinger deserves his high marks

Todd Tiahrt’s criticism of lawyers who approve of the performance of Sedgwick County District Judge Richard Ballinger because they appear in front of him was nonsensical (“Elect Newton,” Oct. 22 Letters to the Editor). Who better to evaluate a judge’s performance and credentials than those who have had experience in his court?

I have practiced law in this community for more than 50 years and have known Ballinger most of his life, as his father and I served together as assistant county attorneys. I remember him as a good student and football player at Wichita South High School, and I have viewed with pleasure his subsequent education at Wichita State University and his career as an attorney and now a judge in our community.

He has gained the high marks on his evaluations because he has earned them the hard way – by tending to business, making decisions based on his understanding of the law and without favoritism or political favor.

Ballinger is the epitome of the hometown boy who made good. We are lucky he has chosen to stay in his own hometown. I plan to reward him for that choice by voting for him in the election, and I urge my fellow Wichitans to do the same.



Hatchet job

I read with disgust the hatchet job The Eagle did on a great candidate, Tim Snow (“Snow: DUI, other woes are the past,” Oct. 27 Local & State). Funny how Michael O’Donnell was given a free pass on his political transgressions in that article. The Eagle editorial board then compounded the insult with an endorsement of O’Donnell (Oct. 27 Endorsements).

How would some old debts and some drinking in the past (five or more years ago) affect Snow’s ability as a state senator? Let’s look at the O’Donnell record of the past year: using city computers to campaign for another candidate, and living in a property tax-abated home that should have been on the tax rolls.

Which person would you want in office – someone who misuses government property and lives in an improperly tax-abated home, or someone who (now sober) had some money problems in the past?

Look also at the difference in personalities. O’Donnell, when exposed, blamed the people who outed him; Snow admitted he did it, took the blame and said he wouldn’t do it again. Who shows better character?

The Eagle editorial board should retract the endorsement of O’Donnell and make Snow its recommendation for Kansas Senate District 25. Snow is better for Kansas and better for the future of our people.


Bel Aire

Re-elect Pompeo

I would like to take a moment to recognize U.S. Rep. Mike Pompeo, R-Wichita, for all of his hard work and dedication. He has shown us time and time again that his loyalty is to the people of the 4th Congressional District, fighting to get the government out of the way so we can live our lives the way we see fit. A small-business owner himself, Pompeo understands what many of us go through in order to keep our businesses afloat in these hard economic times. I urge everyone to get out and vote for Mike Pompeo for re-election on Nov. 6.



Need Cubbage

In a few days, we have an opportunity to elect a candidate who will serve us. She is honest and has the leadership skills and experiences needed in the Kansas Senate. She will put others first in judgment, fairness and action.

I believe leaders should be available and accessible to all constituents. Our leaders need to listen to our concerns. When they act in our best interests, our vote has mattered.

I am voting for Diana Cubbage for Senate District 27 on Nov. 6. Join me in returning leadership to the Kansas Senate. She is the voice we deserve and the change we need.



Effective leader

I recently was given the opportunity to meet state Sen. Oletha Faust-Goudeau, D-Wichita. Faust-Goudeau is an effective legislator whose experience parallels what we are looking for. She has been successful in introducing bills that have been signed into law, such as the firefighters’ insurance bill that became law this year. This bill ensures that the survivors of any firefighter killed in action are able to continue receiving protection under their firefighter’s insurance coverage for 18 months after their firefighter’s death.

I met Faust-Goudeau with an open mind, and she clearly impressed me. I encourage others to look at this experienced candidate, who would represent us extremely well in the state Senate. She knows the issues, knows our area and is a very approachable person. Her commonsense approach and willingness to find solutions that work are exactly what we need in our legislative leaders.

On Nov. 6, please strongly consider Faust-Goudeau for the District 29 Senate seat. Faust-Goudeau’s resume and contributions to our community are endless over many years of service.



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