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October 28, 2012

Letters to the editor on fluoridation, Kahrs, Ballinger, Cubbage, Hicks, Ward, Norton

Wichita is now the largest city in the nation without water fluoridation. This means Wichitans unnecessarily suffer the effects and complications of tooth decay.

Know the facts; vote for fluoride

Wichita is now the largest city in the nation without water fluoridation. This means Wichitans unnecessarily suffer the effects and complications of tooth decay.

Delta Dental of Kansas strongly supports the campaign to fluoridate Wichita’s water supply, and we’re not alone. Fluoridated water has received overwhelming support from more than 100 national and international organizations – including the American Medical Association, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the World Health Organization – and locally, from the Wichita District Dental Society, the Medical Society of Sedgwick County and the Kansas Academy of Family Physicians.

We encourage Wichita residents to review “Fluoridation Facts,” an American Dental Association booklet containing facts from more than 350 scientific references. “Fluoridation Facts” can be downloaded at ada.org/4378.aspx. More than 65 years of scientific research has proved over and over again that fluoride reduces tooth decay. That’s not an issue open to debate – it’s a fact. Know the facts; then vote on Nov. 6.


President and CEO

Delta Dental of Kansas


Be independent

The argument that water fluoridation has been in place for years in other large cities and Wichita is “behind” is simply not good enough for the citizens of Wichita. Rather, let’s be independent thinkers and receptive to more recent research that would reflect an innovative and progressive decision to the rest of the country.

Please watch the video “Professional Perspectives on Water Fluoridation” on YouTube that features 15 scientists who have spent years investigating fluoride and its effects on the body, not just the teeth. You owe it to yourself to understand how fluoride in your drinking water will affect your body. Equip yourself with the information you need to make an informed decision when you vote in November.



Kahrs needed

Citizens living in Kansas House District 87 are fortunate to have Mark Kahrs as a candidate for the seat. Kahrs’ values, business experience and proven leadership provide an exceptional foundation for this legislative position.

Kahrs’ values are based on his strong faith in God and conservative principles, as evidenced in so many ways by his lifestyle, work ethic and decisions. As a small-business owner, he understands fundamental business principles related to management, employee relations, customer satisfaction and the absolute need for fiscal responsibility. He understands fundamental economic principles – that businesses, not the government, create jobs, and that the only way to grow the state economy and reduce unemployment is to provide sound economic support, such as tax relief, to industries that bring money into the state.

Kahrs is serving as the 4th Congressional District chairman for the Kansas Republican Party and formerly served as the Sedgwick County Republican Party chairman, further demonstrating his leadership skills. His exceptional attributes are needed in the Legislature.

If you live in District 87, I urge you to join me in voting for Mark Kahrs for state representative.



Re-elect Ballinger

As a practicing attorney and former chief law enforcement officer of the county and the state of Kansas, I would like to recommend the re-election of Sedgwick County District Judge Richard Ballinger.

Ballinger is highly respected and strongly supported by the many attorneys who have appeared before him. He has served as a District Court judge for 20 years. Before that, he was a deputy district attorney and a practicing attorney. Anyone appearing in Ballinger’s court will be treated with courtesy and respect, and can be assured of receiving a fair and impartial decision.

The dedication of Ballinger to his responsibility, his experience in the courtroom, and his knowledge certainly make him deserving of re-election.



Cubbage ‘can do’

Diana Cubbage is an exemplary candidate for Kansas Senate District 27, especially as a “can-do” proponent of appropriately educating students in Kansas.

Cubbage has served public schools for more than 40 years. She has infused a culture of cooperation, community coalitions, partnerships, safety and leadership development during her extensive experiences within diversified educational settings. She is a champion of student learning privileges and has provided innovative and consistent leadership for alternative schools, technology enhancement and early childhood education.

One philosophy Cubbage promotes is that “adequately educating our children is one of the primary responsibilities we have.” She has been deeply involved with a school program called Kids Voting and firmly believes that if education is a top priority in Kansas, our state will cultivate minds that are fully capable of making informed decisions.



Hicks committed

Citizens of Kansas House District 105: What do you want your next legislator to do? Do you want problems solved, not just skimmed over? Do you want commitment to the job at hand? Do you want someone to slice through the political babble?

As your legislator, Liz Hicks would bring reasoned, commonsense answers to problem-solving. Her commitment as a legislator would be 100 percent.

Not only has Hicks been a professional woman for more than 30 years, she has contributed her talents, time and energy to organizations across Wichita. Many of them are health-related (such as the Wichita-Sedgwick County Board of Health). Others, such as KPTS, Channel 8, are important culturally. Each one received her full-out attention.

Through all the years, she has immersed herself in Kansas history. I believe she can offer the legislative body a sorely needed sense of our place and our roots.



Ward cares

I recently met Rep. Jim Ward, D-Wichita, for the first time on my doorstep. I was having difficulties with the care my disabled son was receiving. Ward asked if he could try to help. Within a few days, my questions had been answered and my son’s treatment improved.

Ward is someone who follows through on what he says. He cares about people. Please join me in voting for Jim Ward as state representative, District 86.



Vote for Norton

I’m writing to lend my support for Tim Norton’s re-election as a Sedgwick County commissioner, District 2.

Norton is a strong advocate for his constituents and our entire community. He makes informed decisions on current issues while keeping a long-term vision in mind. His record reflects thoughtful decisions that are in the best interest of all of us. He advocates for the health of our community, and supports education and economic development. And through his leadership, he has been successful in providing infrastructure improvements in his district and maintaining a balanced budget.

Norton is a servant leader who cares about the people he represents. I wish all our elected officials had his vision and mission orientation. I urge everyone to vote Norton for Sedgwick County Commission.



Letters deadline

Letters to the editor about the Nov. 6 election must be received at The Eagle by 3 p.m. Thursday in order to be considered for publication.

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