Letters to the editor on voter fraud, Newton, Ballinger, Tillman

10/22/2012 12:00 AM

10/19/2012 5:41 PM

Voter-fraud claim bogus, cynical

The GOP claim that voter identification is necessary to prevent voter fraud is both bogus and cynical. Bogus, because there is no significant voter fraud. Cynical, because Republicans are quite aware of this.

Of course the vast majority of citizens will have no problem presenting the necessary documentation, but protecting the voting rights of the majority has never been the issue. The issue has always been protecting the voting rights of a minority.

What is the nature of the relevant minority, and how large is it?

A recent national survey sponsored by the Brennan Center for Justice at New York University School of Law showed that millions of American citizens do not have government-issued photo identification, such as a driver’s license or passport. Most important, the survey demonstrated that certain groups – primarily poor, elderly and minority citizens – are less likely than the general population to possess these forms of documentation.

As Republicans are quite aware, voter-identification requirements will reduce the number of poor, elderly and minority voters. Republicans are also quite aware that these groups tend to favor Democrats.

To deliberately undermine the voting rights of citizens in this way is grossly undemocratic. To knowingly do so is the height of political cynicism.

Thus every citizen should ask: Is it wise to support a political party that knowingly attempts to undermine the right to vote?



Elect Newton

Sedgwick County District Court Judge Richard Ballinger’s TV commercial compares the ratings he received from the Wichita Bar Association to those of his opponent, Zoe Newton. Is it surprising that lawyers who may have cases before the sitting judge would rank his opponent lower? No.

Newton is a self-made woman who worked her way out of poverty and through law school. She is a former assistant attorney general who has practiced corporate law and litigated securities cases. She is more than qualified to sit on the bench. Perhaps Ballinger would like lawyers to distract the rest of us from his own record.

More than ever, it is necessary that a judge have real-life business experience in this economy. Kansas is struggling; Wichita is struggling to recover from this bad economy, and we need Newton’s integrity and experience, especially now. Please join me in voting for Zoe Newton for judge.



Ballinger cares

After working more than 25 years as a stockbroker and then a paraeducator, I decided to spend my retirement years working as a court-appointed guardian for adults with disabilities. In that capacity, I have had the privilege of working the past four years with Sedgwick County District Court Judge Richard Ballinger, the probate presiding judge. I’ve found him to be compassionate, caring and deeply concerned about protecting the rights and welfare of those who cannot speak for themselves.

His thorough review of every case, adherence to Kansas statutes and clear-cut directives have made a positive difference for the people I care for, and for hundreds more served by other guardians.

He makes himself available to law enforcement, health care providers and social workers around the clock, so necessary orders can be put in place to protect those who can’t protect themselves. His ethics, integrity and dedication to applying the statutes evenly are traits we need in our judges.

Your vote for Richard Ballinger will help support people throughout our community.



Vote for Tillman

To represent the vast spectrum of people who compose the 4th Congressional District, you must first understand who they are and what they want. Robert Tillman has come to know the people of Kansas through his many years of civil service and community involvement. He has built a life serving the interest of the people of Kansas rather than private industry.

When challenging Tillman in the Democratic primary, I developed a great deal of respect for the positive tone and professional manner in which his campaign was run. A vote for Robert Tillman is a vote for the people of Kansas.



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