Letters to the editor on smart kids leaving, Obama

10/09/2012 12:00 AM

10/08/2012 6:22 PM

Why do smart kids move away?

My son had a grand time at his 50th Wichita Southeast High School reunion last month. Former congressman Dan Glickman was there, and people from all over, including Germany and Brazil. My husband and I entertained 17 of our son’s special friends at lunch. They all had a grand time.

Our son teaches religious studies at the University of Kansas. But interestingly enough, he is the only one of the group living in Kansas. Most of the group have advanced degrees and teach in universities and do research. They grew up here but have not contributed to the economy and culture of Kansas since high school.

Why is this?



Case for Obama

I have a response to “Need to fire Obama” (Sept. 29 Letters to the Editor):

Leadership: President Obama has moved us from a country on the brink of disaster into a country with less than 8 percent unemployment, and most recent reports describe an upswing in the economy in general. He passed financial reform and eliminated the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy. He prevented college tuition loan rates from doubling. He instituted an executive order based on the DREAM Act.

Foreign affairs: Obama ended the war in Iraq and has begun the drawdown of troops in Afghanistan.

Health care: Go ask the hundreds of people who have not been eliminated from a policy based on having a pre-existing condition, or who are still alive after treatment for a condition caught by early screening. Health care reform cut prescription-drug costs for Medicare recipients. Children under the age of 26 can remain on their parents’ medical insurance policy.

Stimulus: Talk to one of the many whose job would have been eliminated without the stimulus bill. On a similar note, talk to any of the hundreds of thousands who would have lost their jobs had we just allowed General Motors and Chrysler to “fail.”

The letter writer might ask herself why she is so willing to hand our country’s leadership to someone whose main accomplishments have been to gut companies he has bought out and who pays taxes at a rate lower than many of the rest of us.



Obama no gamer

After watching the debate last week, I think it’s crystal clear President Obama is in over his head.

The man has been president for nearly four years. A basic knowledge of the topics that were discussed should have rolled off his silver tongue like honey.

I have listened to all the possible reasons for his bad performance: He didn’t rehearse enough. The altitude. Too many appearances on “The View” and “Late Night With David Letterman.” Too much time hitting the fundraisers and giving speeches in the toss-up states.

How about Obama doing the job he was elected to do?

I have learned in my life there are practice players and there are gamers. It seems to me that without his teleprompter, our president is not a gamer.



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