Letters to the editor on government jobs, conceal-carry, extremists

10/05/2012 12:00 AM

10/04/2012 6:01 PM

Government jobs hold back growth

There’s no question that government employees provide essential services such as education, protection, justice and peace. The services that government employees provide should justify their employment, not their purchasing power, as argued in “Government jobs big part of economy” (Oct. 2 Letters to the Editor).

Government employees are paid via a transfer of money from taxpayers – meaning any reduction of government employment, and spending, will allow private individuals to retain their hard-earned money. One need look no further than The Eagle’s Business Today section to find examples of local entrepreneurs expanding and prospering, such as a new business startup that assists homeowners with garage sales.

In fact, it is often growth in government that holds back private investment – the engine needed to create more jobs. Between 2001 and 2011, the Wichita metropolitan area saw federal, state and local government employment grow 10.1 percent while private-sector employment declined 6.2 percent, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. We have fewer taxpayers supporting more government employees. This can only mean fewer jobs, as there is less money in the hands of entrepreneurs and businesses seeking to expand.


Fiscal policy analyst

Kansas Policy Institute


Made us safer

Hooray for Steve Yager, who had his gun ready and his concealed-carry permit in order when approached by a would-be mugger (Oct. 3 Eagle). Hooray for The Eagle, which printed a positive story of appropriate defensive gun use, on the front page above the fold. And hooray for the Kansas legislators who voted to approve the carry law back in 2006. Together, they have made Delano and Wichita safer.



Vote out extremists

My parents worked minimum-wage jobs. We were poorer than most. I went to work full time at age 16. I was drafted and served my country in a war zone. I went to college on the GI Bill while still working full time.

I got a job that vaulted me into the middle class. I sent my children to college. I saved my money and retired, still in the middle class. I think my story is typical.

The amoral actions of our congressmen and candidates disgust me. I believe this is also typical. I ask that all moderates – Republican, Democrat or independents – join me in voting against extremists, regardless of party.



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