Letters to the editor on fake voter registrations, fluoridation, lack of reporting on Libya

10/03/2012 12:00 AM

10/02/2012 5:33 PM

GOP firm caught faking registrations

Republicans went to such great lengths to change the voting laws in 23 states to eliminate the chance that “even one” illegal vote might be cast. Now it turns out that a company working for the Republican Party has been caught faking registration forms – at first in five counties in Florida and now apparently also in Virginia, North Carolina and Colorado (Sept. 29 Eagle).

The Republicans managed to change voting laws in a thinly disguised attempt to prevent poorer people – which would be mostly Democrats – from voting. But what evil could they do with the hundreds of forged voter registrations?

The Republican National Committee, having paid the company $2.9 million, was quick to fire it. But is that enough? Shouldn’t someone go to jail?



Research fluoride

Wichitans, please consider that the fluoride that will be added to our municipal water supply will not be treating the water; it will be treating the person. This violates the very basics of medical ethics – consent to medication – as well as our freedom to choose what goes into our own bodies.

Additionally, only about 1.25 percent of this fluoridated water will be ingested by the community. The other 98.75 percent will be wasted. That is equivalent to an annual $493,750 unjustifiably disappearing down the drains of our showers, kitchen sinks, toilets and sewers.

There are alternatives to forcing fluoridation upon everyone. Pregnant women, babies and those with thyroid issues especially should not be ingesting fluoride.

Please do your research. I would hope that you will not go to the polls on Nov. 6 uninformed on this very important issue. A vote submitted in ignorance is a vote that should not be cast at all.



Lack of reporting

We have enjoyed reading The Eagle daily for many years, but we are very upset about the paper’s lack of reporting since the Sept. 11 attack on the U.S. consulate in Libya. The Sept. 17 Eagle, for example, had a story about problems with crickets and spiders but not one word about the tragic killing of our ambassador and three others. Is The Eagle reporting the news honestly and fairly? Did editors think it best to go along with President Obama and the rest of the media?

Did The Eagle believe that the anti-Muslim film was the cause of the four American deaths? It has been reported that Washington was warned three days before Sept. 11 that al-Qaida had plans to create problems.



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