School lunches too healthful?

10/03/2012 12:00 AM

10/02/2012 5:32 PM

The following are excerpts of letters to the editor written by students in Cindy Siemens’ eighth-grade language arts class at Robinson Middle School about new school-lunch guidelines:

I’m not against school lunches being healthy, but they shouldn’t be too healthy, because kids will feed the food to the trash. What’s the pointing of putting a bunch of money, effort and time into something that’s going to end up in the trash?

Clarissa Mendoza

People are getting bigger and bigger, and serving junk food at school is part of the problem. Too much unhealthy food can give us diabetes. All the junk is really bad for us. A little is OK, but a lot is bad.

James Snyder

I see some good changes in the school lunches, but not enough. I still think there are too many ways to get junk food at school. One example is a school store that sells chips, chocolate and candy. Then at lunch we have an a la carte option that includes ice cream and Popsicles.

Jacob Atchinson

I have noticed that the portions of food served at lunch have gotten a lot smaller. I know they are doing it for all the obese kids, but what about the athletes who need the extra calories? Are they supposed to buy more food? The problem is not the school; it is the bad eating habits that kids get from home.

Emily Denouden

Kids throw away healthy food because it is nasty. I don’t mind eating healthy food, but at least give us good healthy food.

Ryzin Carroll

It would be great if they just served junk food once in a while but not all the time. Obesity is a problem and can lead to serious heart problems and make breathing difficult. Giving children an option isn’t always a good idea, because they will choose the junk food.

Brenda Aniceto Morales

Kids have money. If you were 13 and you had money, what would you do with it? You would buy candy. Healthy food just gets thrown away, so they’re just wasting money.

Chris Hare

They should put more high-calorie foods in school lunches, because when you are running cross-country, you need more calories. We are running two to six miles per day in practices. School foods have more fruits, which is good. But I don’t have enough energy during class. Only about 20 percent of kids are obese, so why punish the rest of us?

Tucker Schultz

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