Letters to the editor on government jobs, racist law, Iran, time to pray

10/02/2012 12:00 AM

10/01/2012 5:46 PM

Government jobs big part of economy

Many current policymakers and the voters who elect them seem determined to at least diminish if not demolish government, claiming that less government improves everything from the economy to the very quality of life. Whether at local or national levels, these same people apply unemployment rates as primary indicators of the health, or lack thereof, of the economy.

Consider who employs workers in our area, thus contributing to the local and wider economy. According to 2012 data published by the Greater Wichita Economic Development Coalition, the largest employers in our area include familiar names in aircraft manufacturing. However, the list also includes government employers – federal, state, county and city governments; McConnell Air Force Base; five public school districts and Wichita State University. In fact, of those 71,000 employed by the top 27 employers, 42 percent are government employees.

Some will interpret these percentages as proof that government is too big. However, remember that government employees are employees nonetheless. Even though, on average, salaries of government workers are less than those of private corporation workers, these employed people contribute to the tax base revenue, to the consumption of goods and services, and to the very employment rates used to measure overall economic health.

So, downsize government, and unemployment will increase.



Racist law

I believe that Nov. 6, 2012, the day Kansans vote in the next national election, will actually be our darkest hour. The U.S. Census Bureau reports 12 percent of voters nationally will not possess the required government-issued photo ID. Research by various newspapers, the Brennan Center for Justice, and other sources report demographic studies that suggest that voter photo-ID laws are specifically aimed at the poor, the elderly and minority voters. This last group makes these voter-ID laws racist.

One study shows that 25 percent of African-Americans do not have the required government-issued photo ID. Another shows that 16 percent of Hispanics do not have the required photo ID.

In the most recent election I refused to show my photo ID, although I had one with me. Showing this ID was simply acquiescing to the racist law. I was later told by the election commission that my vote was not counted. In other words, Kansas voters on Nov. 6 will either have to acquiesce to this racist law or not have their votes counted. This certainly, for Kansans, is our darkest hour.



Be sure about Iran

If there is a red line on Iran’s nuclear development, then everyone, including Iran, needs to know what it is and what happens when it is crossed. We do not need to be involved in another Middle East war based on poor intelligence.

Iran needs to be sure of Israel’s and our resolve. But there cannot be any mistakes or surprises on this issue. Life is too precious to throw it away on miscalculations.



Time to pray

There are forces in the United States working to destroy our faith in God. The more we turn away from God, the more our country goes downhill. We blame this person or that party for our problems, when all the time we have the answer to our problems. The answer is prayer.

It’s time for us to get on our knees and pray to God for help in our problems. He will not only show you the way to solve your problems, but show you the errors of your ways so you may know and love Him better.



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