Letters to the Editor on consulate killings, traffic law, Flight 93, Bill Clinton, Obama, carbon tax

09/13/2012 12:00 AM

09/12/2012 7:18 PM

Make example of diplomats’ killers

I would like to offer my deepest condolences to the families of the victims in the attack on the U.S. Consulate in Libya. I am sad and heartbroken for the senseless killing of our ambassador and staff members of the consulate.

As a Muslim, I saw a glimpse of hope as the winds of democracy began sweeping the Arab world, and I have hoped that America will be there to help Arabs through their journey into democratic transition.

Now I am hoping that this crime will not jeopardize the goodwill and the experience that America may offer to Arabic countries.

Those mindless, senseless cowards who perpetrated this crime should be brought to justice. Make an example of them. Those backward, emotion-driven seventh-century imbeciles have an agenda to bring chaos and misery to the Arabs and hijack their democratic transition. They should be stopped immediately.



Drivers, beware

There is a city ordinance, 11.38.100, that reads, “No person shall utilize the entrance or driveway of any private property within 150 feet of any street intersection for the purpose of avoiding or circumventing a traffic-control device.” I have found that few Wichita drivers know of it.

I only became aware of that law as I navigated the construction site at Ridge Road and 13th Street. Going south on Ridge, I came to that intersection and was unable to turn left onto 13th Street. So I drove through the intersection and turned left into the southeast corner gas station area and then right onto 13th Street.

A police officer pulled in behind me. I had no idea why I was being stopped. He informed me I had broken city ordinance 11.38.100. Although I told him I did not know that law existed, he gave me a ticket, which I took to court. There I learned that a driver is not excused from being unaware of a law that is on the books. However, I was excused “this time.” Thank you, Ms. Prosecutor.

Laws are made to protect citizens, not to provide an opportunity for police to issue tickets to unsuspecting drivers. The ordinance is not in the Kansas Driving Handbook. It can be found only through computer navigation.

Spread the word about the ordinance, then urge your friends to push for it and other little-known city traffic ordinances to be issued as an addendum to the driving handbooks available in Wichita.



Worthy memorial

Since Sept. 11, 2001, I’ve twice been to the Flight 93 National Memorial near Shanksville, Pa. The last time was in 2008, and there was little to see on the site. There was a shed where a park ranger told the story of the flight with a flip book of photographs. One photo, seared into my memory, showed the mushroom cloud created by the plane crash.

There was also a fence with jackets, shoulder patches, hats, and caps from police and fire departments around the world. A stone marker had the names of the passengers and crew on Flight 93.

As the memorial expands, I hope they will keep what might have been the most interesting part of it. It was the ground-level rail around the parking lot with graffiti written on it like “Thank you,” “God bless you” and, of course, “Let’s roll!”

I hope to visit the memorial again someday and see what’s been added to it. It’s like the Oklahoma City National Memorial, a place everyone should visit at least once in his lifetime.



GOP hair shirt

Bill Clinton nailed the hair shirt on the GOP body.



Long wait

Believe you me – if President Obama is re-elected, you can bet there will not be another Democrat president elected in the next 25 to 50 years.



Roberts wrong

If you want to know the effect that carbon taxes will have on the economy, Sen. Pat Roberts, R-Kan., is not the person to read (“Carbon tax would hurt fragile economy,” Sept. 9 Opinion). Instead, consult the opinion of global investors surveyed by a Bloomberg poll. Nearly half of investors surveyed said that climate-change actions such as a carbon tax will not hurt and might even help corporate profits.

A carbon tax will spur further investment in new businesses. In Massachusetts this year we experienced an 11.2 percent job-growth rate in clean-energy sectors (compared with only about a 1 percent job-growth rate overall). Job growth and economic stability are essential for individuals.

Politicians, economists, scientists and legal scholars from liberal, centrist and conservative camps agree that a carbon tax is the fairest, most efficient way to stop climate change. Furthermore, by a large majority, the American public supports a carbon tax with rebate.

The objections Roberts raised were meant only to scare readers. If he were serious about fixing climate change, he would welcome debate of several carbon-tax bills in committee in Congress. Perhaps details could be hashed out to everyone’s satisfaction. What does he have to lose? He could always vote against it.



Citizens Climate Lobby

Brookline, Mass.

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