Letters to the editor on privileged class, voter-ID garbage, GOP job talk, Democratic lies

09/10/2012 12:00 AM

09/07/2012 8:13 PM

Kansas will have privileged class

In America, we place a high value on the ideal that all citizens are equal. Historically, we have rejected the notion of a privileged class that is excused of its responsibility to society.

If Gov. Sam Brownback and his rubber-stamp Legislature have their way, that is about to change in Kansas.

They would have you believe that there is a privileged class that should not be burdened with the duty to pay taxes like the common folk. They would create a special stratum of elites who by virtue of their status as “job creators” would be relieved of any responsibility to support our system of governance.

No income taxes would be paid by this nobility to ensure that our justice system, schools, correction system, public safety and the administration of state government are funded and continue to function.

To pay for this experiment, the governor wants to eliminate or reduce many tax deductions and credits beneficial to the middle class. He also will have to slash spending, likely shifting the cost of health and education programs to local government and higher property taxes.

The term “ideological absurdity” comes to mind when trying to rationalize this scheme.



ID garbage

I am both amused and stunned by those who espouse the liberal/socialist line that requiring identification at the polling place is discriminatory. Criminals, illegal immigrants and those on the run fail to obtain or carry ID for obvious reasons. However, the vast majority of people in this country – those who are either native-born citizens or naturalized citizens and are eligible to vote – long ago obtained photo identification that would meet the state requirements at the polling place.

So don’t give me that garbage that gazillions of Americans who want to vote can’t get an ID. That dog won’t fight.

Voter fraud is a problem in the United States. Having an ID is a way of 21st-century life. You need an ID to do just about anything, from cashing a welfare check to riding the train or flying. Don’t tell me that those who want to vote can’t get an approved ID card.

Both the local Democrat and Republican parties are more than willing to assist voters to get to the polls. They will also help anyone get a birth certificate (free in Kansas) and a photo ID.



What about jobs?

Before the 2010 election, all the Republicans could talk about was, “Where are all the jobs?” “Elect us and we will concentrate on creating jobs,” they said.

Well, it didn’t take long for us to find out that it was all talk. Instead, they talked about abortion, gun laws, immigration, voter fraud, the supposedly unconstitutional health care law – everything but jobs.

When a jobs bill was brought forth that would have created jobs, they replaced the word “jobs” with “no.”

We also found out by his own admission that the Republican leader in the House did not have the word “compromise” in his vocabulary. Worst of all, we found out that the Republican leader in the Senate said that his main job was to make sure that President Obama would be a one-term president.

In other words, the Republicans were willing to forget about trying to create jobs and concentrated on destroying the president. They were not concerned about what that was doing to the country.

In spite of all the opposition, Obama has amassed a remarkable record.



Did nothing

I can’t stand to listen to what Democrats say anymore. Everything they say proves to be a lie. When President Obama ran in 2008, I liked everything he said. The problem is he did nothing of what he said.

I used to think of myself as being independent with Democratic leanings. Then the Democratic Party sold its soul to the devil.



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