Letters to the editor on evaluating teachers, Obama, fluoridation

09/07/2012 12:00 AM

09/06/2012 5:32 PM

Many influences on test scores

Much has been written pertaining to using standardized tests of pupils to evaluate teachers. But there are a plethora of influences that affect standardized test scores, other than what the classroom teacher does in teaching and learning situations.

These include how much the parents assist the learner in the home setting, how well the personal needs of pupils are met – such as adequate nutrition, clothing and care – and how much a pupil is wanted or valued.

Pupils who live in poverty and lack the good things in life will tend to do less well. Their opportunities to learn are hindered. The summer-school lunch program and providing food to take home on Fridays during the regular school week are good attempts at minimizing disadvantages in schooling for these children.

In evaluating teachers, a level playing field for pupils and a level playing field for technology utilization are needed so that only the teacher’s effectiveness in teaching is measured with valid and reliable standardized tests.


North Newton

Four years ago

I appreciated two recent Opinion Line comments that reminded Republicans, if not all of us who will be voting in November, that four years ago President Obama inherited two wars that never should have been entered in the first place and an economy that had declined to a near depression. Then the Republican Congress, which had helped create this mess, formed as its single goal to defeat every positive effort that Obama proposed over the next four years.

Yet in spite of the GOP’s opposition, we are exiting those two unwinnable wars, the economy is slowly but steadily improving, jobs are on the increase, we are looking seriously at improving our environment, the auto industry and banks have reached greater solvency, and we are returning to our place as the greatest nation in the world, thanks to Obama and his staff.

As another Opinion Line contributor said, the last person this country needs right now as its president is a person who has been rich all of his life and has absolutely no understanding of the struggles of the middle class.

I’m voting for our current president, who has actually been a member of the middle class.

Obama inherited an economy that was the worst in 75 years, and it certainly takes more than four years to bring it back.



Four more years?

Assume President Obama is a football coach. After four losing seasons, he is still blaming the previous coach for his lack of success. Do we give him four more years to see if he can have a winning season?


Bel Aire

Bottle fluoride

With all the billions of gallons of bottled water that are consumed every year, why not market fluoridated water in the same manner, in bottles of all sizes from 16 ounces to five gallons? That way those who want or wish to have fluoridated water can have it.

If the bottling companies can get the mix of fluoride correct and it is safe, why not market it in bottles and make it available in that manner and leave alone those who wish to not have the city fluoridate its water?



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