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August 4, 2012

Letters to the editor on U.S. goods, incumbents, Peterjohn, Dahl, Schneider, Wren, McGinn, O’Connor, Ward, Schodorf, O’Donnell, Grange, war, Chick-fil-A, Boy Scouts, Summit Church

Think about this before you vote: Most people agree that we need more jobs to make our economy grow. Tax breaks alone won’t create jobs. Before business owners invest money, they want to know there is a demand for their products or services.

Create demand for U.S.-made goods

Think about this before you vote: Most people agree that we need more jobs to make our economy grow. Tax breaks alone won’t create jobs. Before business owners invest money, they want to know there is a demand for their products or services.

I see very little opportunity to expand retail (people already are buying everything they can afford). Farms seem to be fully engaged. We face stiff competition when manufacturing items for export.

Where I see a significant potential for U.S. job growth is to return manufacturing to the United States for goods sold here.

We could make that happen if two things happen: We elect leaders who favor policies that encourage manufacturing in the United States and discourage U.S. companies from selling goods here that they are having manufactured in other countries. And you and I need to create a demand for U.S.-made goods by looking for and buying everything from toothpaste and razor blades to tires that are “made in the USA.”

When you and I support companies that make products in the United States, companies will have a reason to hire more U.S. workers.

We can make a difference.



Oust incumbents

That whoosh you hear is our USA ship sinking from the ever-expanding debt.

For every dollar our government spends, it has to borrow nearly 50 cents. Our congressional leaders, past and present, knowingly put us in this quandary. To call them “honorable” is like calling a sinner a saint.

Our only chance to save this country is to forget party lines and vote out every incumbent up for election. Keep this process going, and soon we’ll elect leaders who believe in our Constitution and who are God-fearing.

Everyone’s ox is going to be gored before we get out of this mess. Assume some responsibility for gullibly voting for these pie-in-the-sky politicians who have gotten us here and who will continue this torrid pace toward our country’s demise.

Vote out all incumbents starting this November.



Vote for Peterjohn

Thomas Jefferson said that a well-informed electorate was essential for our form of government. I attended two debates between Sedgwick County Commissioner Karl Peterjohn and his GOP primary challenger. It was clear to me and others that Peterjohn is a master of economics and is working diligently for taxpayers.

The endorsement of former U.S. Rep. Todd Tiahrt carries more weight for Peterjohn than the list of corporate-welfare recipients and out-of-state bidders on city projects who are contributors to Jeff Longwell’s campaign.

I hope voters do study the facts, especially who is funding Longwell’s campaign, and the promises that Peterjohn has kept to taxpayers. Saying “no” to frivolous spending is a good thing.

Peterjohn is watching your tax dollars, and I urge you to vote for him.


Valley Center

Mailing maligned

I received a mailing this week from one of the candidates for House District 100 by the name of Bridget Schneider. It appears that she decided to elevate her campaign to the negative level.

I read The Eagle article quoted by her mailing. The first quote was taken out of context, and the second one appeared to be an outright lie.

In addition, I would like to bring to light the fact that Schneider’s husband is a Topeka lobbyist. If she were elected, would she remove herself from any votes having to do with issues for which he or his company lobby?



Dahl outstanding

We have the opportunity to vote for an outstanding District Court judge candidate in Dave Dahl on Tuesday. If elected, Dahl will serve the citizens of Sedgwick County just as he lives his life – with honesty and with the utmost integrity and respect for the law.

The recent high ratings by his peers indicated that Dahl is viewed as highly ethical and very knowledgeable (“Judging the judges,” July 29 Eagle). He will ensure the law is applied fairly and without prejudice and predetermination.

As a small-business owner myself, I appreciate that Dahl has helped counsel nearly 1,000 startup businesses, bringing jobs and a needed economic boost to our community. His 35-year legal career – spent in small-business, employment and real-estate law and as a courtroom litigator – has prepared him to take on the role of judge.

Dahl has been a volunteer and leader in this community for more than 40 years and understands the importance of service. Please join me in voting for Dave Dahl.



Support Wren

I would like to voice my support for Rodney Wren, a Republican running for Kansas House District 83. He is the better candidate and represents my conservative views and the direction District 83 should go in the future.

I find it unfortunate that simply because his opponent wanted to play dirty politics, the future of District 83 could suffer. People should at least be informed that Wren’s name is still on the ballot. They should get out and vote, and have the opportunity to support him.



McGinn committed

I have known state Sen. Carolyn McGinn, R-Sedgwick, for a long time, and as long as I’ve known her she’s been committed to the farmers and small-town folks she represents.

Regarding the attack pieces you have been getting in the mail: I hope you remember the person they’re talking about. They’re talking about a farm wife, a mother and a co-owner and operator of a family farm. Before McGinn ever got involved in politics, she volunteered for the co-op and the Farm Bureau. She fought for local property owners’ rights. She worked as a substitute teacher and coached junior high girls’ basketball at our local school.

Does that sound like the type of person who would support some of the things that she’s been accused of by special-interest mailers? Heck no.

The fact is that as chairwoman of the Senate Ways and Means Committee, McGinn has led the state in cutting its budget. She also has supported many tax cuts for businesses, seniors and property owners without sacrificing essential services.

When so many politicians seem more focused on scoring political points than solving problems, I appreciate McGinn for her work representing the people of her district and the state.



Rare political skill

The campaign for Kansas Senate District 31 ushered in the arrival of outsider-influenced local elections. A new face moved into our district just in time to run against incumbent Sen. Carolyn McGinn, R-Sedgwick.

Since then we have been inundated with clutter mailings carrying harsh, false statements and misinformation.

McGinn chairs the important Senate Ways and Means Committee. Her leadership helps ensure that issues vital to Harvey County and south-central Kansas get addressed. She is recognized as a smart leader who is willing to work with other legislators to find reasonable and effective solutions – a rare political skill these days.

Why would we give up the savvy and integrity of McGinn for someone running as an extension of a well-oiled political action group?

Tuesday’s primary is more pivotal than the November election. Please do your part. The future of Kansas is at stake.



O’Connor true

I would like to extend my endorsement of Kevin O’Connor for Sedgwick County district attorney.

He is a man of integrity and fortitude. I assessed this personally many years ago during his struggle to overcome advanced Hodgkin lymphoma.

He is supported by a close and loving family. His commitment to the safety of the Wichita community is well-recognized.

O’Connor will serve honestly and admirably as Sedgwick County’s next district attorney. He is an honest, good and true man – a real stand-up guy. It has been my good fortune to get to know him and his family.



Ward concerned

As a longtime board member of the Grandview Heights Neighborhood Association, I can tell you we depend upon state Rep. Jim Ward, D-Wichita. Ward is a regular attendee at our neighborhood meetings, where he learns about the concerns and needs of our area.

Ward is a former prosecutor who understands the importance of neighborhood safety. He drafted anti-gang legislation that allows the police to pursue people who recruit kids into gangs. He is a leader in fighting for older neighborhoods.

On Tuesday vote for Jim Ward to represent the new House District 86.



Schodorf honest

A candidate for Kansas Senate District 25 came to my door recently. He made false statements about his opponent, Sen. Jean Schodorf, R-Wichita, and her position on Obamacare. The truth: Schodorf voted to stop Obamacare and to protect Kansans from the Obamacare mandate. She voted for the omnibus health care bill that was signed into law.

For honesty, for Kansas, vote for Schodorf.



O’Donnell a fighter

I recently received a political mailer claiming that my Wichita City Council member, Michael O’Donnell, was too inexperienced to be a state senator. I had to laugh.

The mailer was correct – Sen. Jean Schodorf, R-Wichita, has experience, but not the kind we need. Schodorf has voted to increase my taxes since she’s been in Topeka. That’s not the way to grow business.

We need someone young and energetic like O’Donnell to start making Kansas more competitive for jobs. He has fought against big government in Wichita, and I’m confident he’ll fight against it in Topeka as well. I will be voting for Michael O’Donnell for Senate District 25.



Grange needed

To be a politician, one must seek the truth, realize that compromise is necessary, and get along with people. Then one must step up to the plate and vote for the people.

State Rep. John Grange, R-El Dorado, a candidate for Senate District 14, is that person. He has been an upright person in the political journey. He has always been for the people. He has let them know how he will vote.

Grange is a good man, and Kansas needs him.


El Dorado

Clean campaigns

Voters need to be aware that just because candidates are running as incumbents, that does not necessarily mean they should be re-elected. If a sitting judge is being challenged in this election, it could be because that judge is not a good judge.

If candidates are running negative campaigns, it could be an indication of how they will treat the public – negatively. If judges cannot treat their opponents with respect, most likely they do not treat those who appear before them with respect.

I urge voters to compare candidates’ experience and public service when voting. I urge voters to strongly consider voting for candidates who have run clean campaigns versus those who have run negative campaigns.



Other innocents

The recent tragic shooting in Colorado shocked the nation and made everyone wonder why one individual would plan and then kill and injure so many people. We must all work for a safer environment for families everywhere.

But let us also think about what we as a nation have been doing for more than a decade to innocent people in the Middle East. No one knows how many innocent people have been killed or maimed by the U.S. armed forces. Do we have no empathy for the killings that take place almost daily elsewhere in this world?

Though these actions have been justified by the argument that they will give us more security, this is false. We cannot expect to make people our friends by killing members of their families.

War is terror, and terror will not solve the world’s problems.

It is time for new action for peace and justice through diplomacy and nonviolent methods to make this world a safer and better place.


North Newton

Political liars

As a high school debater in the 1950s, I learned the lesson of the adage, “Figures don’t lie, but liars can figure.” It was used by me and against me to great advantage.

Every election year I am reminded again of the truth of this old saying, as both sides bandy about facts and figures to their advantage and to the disadvantage of their opponents. Too many of us never bother to seek out the entire picture, instead believing that “our side” would not mislead us.



Lost customer

I was one of the excited hundreds of people to rally around the new Chick-fil-A restaurant when it opened a few months ago. Now its company president says he’s against same-sex marriage, and he’s surely also against the benefits one might acquire when married – benefits that we all deserve.

He says his company is “family-led.” Look around – the “family” as we know it now has taken on a new look.

Chick-fil-A has lost a good customer in me. I take pride in who I am, living honestly and decently, even with a lifestyle I did not choose.



Proud of Scouts

As a former Boy Scout, I am proud of the Boy Scouts of America organization for standing firm on its policy of excluding openly homosexual individuals from membership or leadership positions. The decision it reached took a lot of courage, but it was the only morally right one it could have made.

If it had caved in to the pressure from the homosexual lobby, then “morally straight” would have had to be stricken from the Scout oath. The organization’s leaders proved to us that the oath and law are not just pretty words on paper, but are a creed by which they truly live and operate.

I had a lot of respect for the Boy Scouts of America before, and that respect is even greater now.


El Dorado

Spreading hate

I was equally appalled and disappointed by the anti-American tone and un-Christian message of the ad for the Summit Church printed in The Eagle last week. Pastor Terry Fox engaged in partisan political attacks and made public arguments supported by the tax-exempt status of Summit Church.

Why would Fox think he could get away with delivering a political message in the form of a religious sermon? While freedom of speech is a guaranteed right, exploiting tax laws established to benefit religious organizations is unethical.

Using religion to promote an extreme political agenda that attempts to discredit the president is pathetic. I am all for free speech, and I respect that not all will agree on issues of politics and religion, but to me Fox is spreading hate.



Kindness, care

On Wednesday I was preparing to shop at Jo-Ann Fabric on North Rock Road when I tripped and fell face first onto the hot concrete. Mary, one of the store’s employees, was there immediately and started first aid by pressing paper towels on my forehead and nose, which were bleeding profusely. Mary continued her first aid while my friend called 911. Mary even used bolts of cloth to put under my bare legs, which were burning due to the hot pavement.

A policeman arrived first, and then firefighters who assessed my condition. When the paramedics arrived, Jennifer took over my care. I was transported to the Galichia Heart Hospital, where I again received prompt, polite and immediate treatment from the staff. I couldn’t have received better care from the minute I hit the pavement until I left Galichia’s emergency room.

In spite of bruises, black eyes and nine stitches, I am deeply grateful for the wonderful people who made this very bad experience one I’ll always remember because of their kindness toward me and excellent care.


Bel Aire

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