Letters to the editor on health care amendment, Boy Scouts, Hawker sale, energy independence

07/23/2012 12:00 AM

07/20/2012 5:46 PM

Didn’t back health care amendment

Senate President Steve Morris, R-Hugoton, stated that every Senate Republican supported the Health Care Freedom Act, a bill that amends state statute (July 19 Opinion). He conveniently omitted the more important proposal to amend the Kansas Constitution, the Kansas Health Care Freedom Amendment, which would have allowed Kansans to vote on this measure.

The amendment was held up for three years in the Judiciary Committee by Republican leadership until finally a vote was scheduled for the Senate floor this year. Once the debate began, a motion was made to send the bill back to committee, avoiding debate. The motion, which failed, was supported by moderate Republican senators, including Morris.

Further, in 2010, when a lawmaker moved to pull the amendment out of committee, where it was being held up by Senate leadership, her motion failed with many Republicans, including Morris and Sen. Jean Schodorf, R-Wichita, opposing it.

I find it odd that Morris encourages citizens to vote while he worked to deny Kansans the opportunity to cast a ballot on this important amendment designed to fight the federal takeover of our health care system.


Kansas state director

Americans for Prosperity


Cowardly policy

I wanted to express my extreme disappointment in the Boy Scouts of America for reaffirming its discriminatory policy against gay youths and leaders (July 18 Eagle). I cannot begin to express my disappointment in the organization’s inability to show true leadership and to demonstrate its core values of compassion, courage, honesty, respect and responsibility. I consider this decision to be weak and cowardly, and in no way supportive of developing our youths. Unfortunately, as a result of the organization’s reaffirmed position, my husband and I have decided to discontinue our family’s participation in Scouting.

I’d also like to draw attention to this national not-for-profit group’s lack of transparency; I have been unable to find contact information for its national leadership. The Boy Scouts of America needs to take a lesson from the Girl Scouts, which posts online its strong commitment to diversity, contact information for its national headquarters and a full listing of board members. Of course, the Girl Scouts have nothing to hide.



No U.S. buyer?

When the current recession began, we were told the country needed huge tax cuts and special privileges for the people who would take entrepreneurial risks and create new jobs. Since then, the number of new billionaires has mushroomed, but few new jobs have been created.

Now Hawker Beechcraft is bankrupt and up for sale. Where are the new entrepreneurs who have the means to take over an aircraft manufacturer that has been one of Wichita’s top employers for decades?

Beech Aircraft Corp. was founded in 1932 – at the bottom of the Great Depression, which was far worse than the current recession. I started work with Beech in 1941 as a professional for 50 cents an hour. The firm was well-managed by Walter Beech and Olive Ann Beech, and it prospered, despite ups and downs, for more than 50 years.

It is a sad day when the best bid for an iconic general aviation manufacturer comes from a group of Chinese businessmen and a government-backed entity in China. The so-called job creators are enjoying the lowest tax rates in 80 years. Their tax cuts are supposed to be giving them incentives to create jobs. So why is it that none of them is willing to step in to keep thousands of Wichitans employed?



Be independent

Our country could be energy-independent within five years if we did two things.

First, we need to convert our vehicles to natural gas. The Love stores in Oklahoma have natural-gas filling stations. The multimillions of dollars the feds loan for one ethanol plant would build dozens of natural-gas filling stations.

Second, the feds need to lift the ban on 80 percent of our offshore drilling.



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