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07/20/2012 12:00 AM

07/19/2012 5:37 PM

Listen to teachers, not lobbyists

Fully aware of the influence that lobbyists have on legislative deliberations, teachers in our public schools must feel almost disenfranchised. They are accustomed to carrying out their essential services with low-budget remuneration, thus can ill-afford to “buy” legislator support, as is the tack of various other institutions that can financially woo lawmakers’ votes.

Classroom teachers ought to be able to expect encouragement and support from parents and the body politic for their commitment to the educational welfare of K-12 learners. The importance of teachers’ contribution to the present and future of this nation ought to stand on its own as an assurance of political support.

Will lobbyist-driven forces regarding how to spend limited tax-supported funding trump a greatly needed increase in the budgets for public schools and classroom teachers? Stay tuned.



Moral victory

I, for one, am overjoyed that the Affordable Care Act has been deemed constitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court. There are thousands of Americans like me who have been rejected by private health insurance providers because it is not profitable for them to see that I get the health care I need. They are the ones that have rationed who gets health care and who does not for too long.

All people need some kind of health care coverage, no matter how healthy they are. We are all potential consumers, just for the fact that we all have physical bodies. Although some may rarely need to take advantage of it, people must be assured that they will be covered in case of an unforeseen event. That way the rest of us do not have to pick up the bill, raising costs for everyone.

I consider this long-awaited legislation as a moral victory for the welfare of all.



Claim untrue

This is the time in a campaign when people will say whatever furthers their goal, even if it is not true. A spokesman for the Wichita Metro Chamber of Commerce claimed on TV this week that state Sen. Dick Kelsey, R-Goddard, favored higher taxes. That is untrue.

In his eight years in the Legislature, Kelsey has never voted for a tax increase. In fact, for the past three years he has proposed a tax plan, Senate Bill 376, that would have lowered income taxes, corporate taxes, sales taxes and property taxes, and made our tax system fairer for everyone.

Kelsey has voted dozens of times to lower taxes. Many of those tax reductions are in place now.

If you want a senator who has led and will lead on a pro-growth, job-creating tax system, then vote for Dick Kelsey for state senator.



Re-elect Hinshaw

As a former Sedgwick County sheriff, I feel an obligation to endorse the most qualified candidate for sheriff – and that candidate is Sheriff Bob Hinshaw.

I have known Hinshaw throughout his 32-year law enforcement career with the Sheriff’s Office, and his level of experience cannot be matched. Hinshaw has provided strong leadership during his first term as sheriff. As our community grows and changes, he will ensure that the Sheriff’s Office leads the way.

It is also important that our law enforcement leaders help guide our future through our children, and Hinshaw does that. He serves on the board for the Quivira Council of the Boy Scouts of America, as well as the board of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Sedgwick County.

The Sheriff’s Office is a very complex organization, and the leader of that organization must have the education, experience and leadership that can only be found in Hinshaw. I am now registered as a Republican to help select the right man for the job. I encourage everyone to vote for a proven leader, Bob Hinshaw.



Busch respected

I am writing in support of Kathy Busch for Kansas State Board of Education. I was a member of the state board for eight years, so I am certainly familiar with the job description.

Busch has been a teacher and a school principal in Wichita, earning the respect of students, teachers, parents and the community. As an assistant superintendent in USD 259, she helped make advances in all schools. She is admired by her colleagues.

These are tough times for students, teachers and taxpayers. Busch has the knowledge and expertise to find the solutions needed to make Kansas schools the best they can be. She has dedicated her life to students and their education. Her experience will be valuable to the other members of the board. She is the perfect person to represent Wichita on the state board.

I urge you to vote for Kathy Busch on Aug. 7.


Cedar Point

Uniquely qualified

Karl Peterjohn’s actions on the Sedgwick County Commission show he keeps his campaign promises. Peterjohn advocates a public vote on proposed tax hikes. He led the fight to keep Sedgwick County under the property-tax lid. He works to protect private property, including your home, farm or business, from seizure through eminent domain by overreaching government. Peterjohn is one of the few candidates who personally has walked door to door throughout his district, in spite of the hot weather, to visit with constituents.

His experience as a budget analyst for former California Gov. Ronald Reagan, his economics background and personal integrity make him uniquely qualified to make crucial budget and policy decisions. On Aug. 7, District 3 should re-elect Karl Peterjohn to the County Commission.



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