Letters to the editor on Olympic uniforms, Honor Flight, Bennett, Faust-Goudeau, St. John’s

07/18/2012 12:00 AM

07/17/2012 5:17 PM

Uniform flap result of trade policies

Some members of Congress expressed outrage that the uniforms for the Olympic team by Ralph Lauren were made in China (July 13 Eagle). But it is Congress and the president that make the trade policies for this nation. These policies make it economical for manufacturers to build products overseas.

If they would impose the duties on the Chinese to take the profit out of this, then the uniforms would be made here, creating employment and tax revenue that we so desperately need. Their outrage is hypocritical and one reason their approval ratings are so low.

I believe that Congress should spend less time grandstanding and more time examining the trade policies of this nation.



Trip of lifetime

Kansas Honor Flight is over its recently encountered bumps. On July 31, three veterans (one from Mulvane who is 99 years old) and their guardians will fly from Wichita to Kansas City, Mo., and join other veterans on a direct flight to Washington, D.C.

Southwest Airlines has donated 25 free tickets for the flight from Kansas City to Washington.

I am a World War II veteran. My wife and I flew on a flight last October. It was a trip of a lifetime, and I encourage all World War II veterans who have not signed up to see their memorial to do so.

I am now, along with others in the area, volunteering to raise the money to fly the remaining veterans in the database before the end of the year. Time is of the essence.

Donations to Kansas Honor Flight are tax-deductible. For more information, visit www.honorflight.org or call me at 316-721-7737.



Bennett prepared

Deputy District Attorney Marc Bennett is clearly the candidate most prepared to lead the Sedgwick County District Attorney’s Office.

Having served in the office for more than 15 years, Bennett has demonstrated his dedication to the duties the office embodies while providing effective day-to-day prosecution of some the county’s most heinous criminal cases. He has established a reputation as a tireless advocate for victims.

This office requires a steady hand and careful, deliberative decisions on what cases should be prosecuted. Bennett has proven administrative skills and currently supervises the largest trial division in the adult criminal department. He has built necessary collaborative, community relationships over the years and is highly respected locally, statewide and nationally.

As director of the state parole office for seven years, I saw firsthand the crucial role this office plays in securing effective justice for all. This is one of the most important public institutions and dramatically affects the public’s safety. The stability and professionalism of this office must continue.

Bennett’s thoughtful demeanor and style, his fine legal mind, and his proven ability to win cases clearly are the hallmarks necessary for the next district attorney of Sedgwick County.



Qualified, available

I believe most Kansas voters will agree that the past legislative session was not what we were looking for in the 2010 election. Most legislators in both the House and the Senate had the attitude that it is their way or no way. We all saw what came out of that.

There were exceptions. The one that comes to mind is Sen. Oletha Faust-Goudeau, D-Wichita, in District 29. She is one of the few diplomats left in Topeka.

The past two years, she has sponsored and gotten passed a bill protecting the rights of grandparents. For a Democrat in a Republican-controlled Legislature, that is a major accomplishment. She doesn’t stop working just because legislative session ends. She is always available to help all Kansans, not just the people from her district.

Now she is up for re-election and needs the help of those she has helped. We have so few qualified people in the Legislature that we can’t afford to let this one get away. Vote for Faust-Goudeau in the Democratic primary on Aug. 7.



A top school

“Abuse widespread” (July 9 Letters to the Editor) confused St. John’s Military School in Salina with residential treatment facilities. St. John’s is a private residential middle and high school, accredited by the Kansas State Department of Education and named a top private school in the United States by Businessweek magazine. St. John’s does not accept students requiring extensive psychological treatment.

My son, a senior, begins his fourth year at St John’s next month. He continues to choose to attend the school because of the mentoring he receives from teachers, coaches and military staff, and because of the camaraderie with young men from 36 states and a dozen different countries. The opportunities he has had at St. John’s were unavailable to him through the public or private school system at home.

The abuse that letter writer described may well occur at residential treatment centers. However, I hope that no one confuses that environment with the environment at St. John’s.


Overland Park

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