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July 16, 2012

Letters to the editor on Toy Run, conservative takeover, global warming, fireworks

I think the decision to turn the Wichita Toy Run into a rally was a good call (July 10 Eagle).

Changing Toy Run was a good call

I think the decision to turn the Wichita Toy Run into a rally was a good call (July 10 Eagle).

I got hooked on the Toy Run nearly 20 years ago when I couldn’t get across Broadway. I watched hundreds of bikes go by with all those toys, and told myself that I had to find out what was going on and get involved. I’ve missed very few runs since.

In those earlier days, we rode from the parking lot of a trucking firm on 47th Street South to the Kansas Coliseum. Everyone stayed in parade line (two by two), and accidents were a rarity. But in the past two or three years, there’s been a lot more “hotdogging” – moving from left line to right line, sudden spurts of speed, and passing in line. This is dangerous behavior when you’re supposed to be in a parade line.

Delano is working hard to reinvent and promote itself. The rally will be good for the district. Let’s not let the change of venue cause us to forget the important purpose of this event. We’ll still donate thousands of toys, so it will still be good for the needy kids.



Total control

Wichita businessman Gary Mason, Republican challenger of incumbent state Sen. Carolyn McGinn, R-Sedgwick, was correct when he told The Eagle editorial board that voters deserve a choice (“Last-minute moves,” July 6 Eagle Editorial). In this year’s Republican August primary, however, that choice is between Republi- cans and Republi- can’ts.

Moderate Republi- cans such as McGinn and Sen. Jean Schodorf, R-Wichita, can listen thoughtfully to their constituents, respond with beneficial legislation, and champion fiscally responsible legislation while remaining sensitive to social needs.

The Republi- can’ts, such as Mason and Wichita City Council member Michael O’Donnell, cannot listen to their constituents because they are beholden to a conservative coalition of politicians, special interest groups and well-funded political action committees whose goal is to eradicate every moderate voice in the Kansas Senate. The Kansas Chamber of Commerce backs this effort with a $1 million campaign.

This quest for total control of the Kansas House, Senate and administration should send a chill through every Kansas voter, not just the GOP. Our voting franchise to too valuable to forfeit to the “anti-everything” Republi- can’ts.



Warming alarmists

“How dare judges side with EPA on warming?” (July 12 Opinion) was somewhat hilarious, seeing how the author cast anthropogenic global-warming skeptics as a bunch of uneducated hicks while citing weather anecdotes as proof of massive climate change across the globe. He cited a poll reported by Popular Science about the public’s belief in such global warming. Considering how that publication focuses much more on the “popular” aspect rather than the “science,” I’m not sure how much that’s worth.

The anthropogenic global-warming craze is simply the most popular idea among population-control advocates. In the past, agenda-pushing “scientists” also have promoted global cooling, overpopulation and global starvation as possible threats. All have been revealed to be false.

I realize that Malthusian doomsday scenarios aren’t all that original or new, but the alarmists could at least try to form a half-decent argument.



Firework fiasco

Being anywhere near “amateur night” fireworks scares the bejeebers out of me. I am not a nervous type who always jumps at the sound of loud booms. Besides being an avid hunter, I compete in shooting sports.

But home fireworks shooting too often is nothing more than a poorly planned fiasco of confusion. Aside from the potential for physical maiming, the number of grass and house fires in the Wichita area is appalling. Too many fireworks shooters take caution only to aim them away from their own home and dwellings, with little concern as to where they go.

Can I mention the street debris that often remains there for days? Aren’t the majority of us sick of all of this?

The lifeblood that perpetuates this problem is the large licensing fees that municipalities charge the fireworks vendors to set up their stands. No city wants to lose this revenue. But we’ve reached the point where something needs to change regarding fireworks in Wichita.



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