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July 4, 2012

Letters to the editor on fireworks show, illegal fireworks, banning fireworks, dependence on God, gateway drugs

The Fourth isn’t the Fourth without fireworks on that day. It’s like celebrating Christmas without trees and presents.

Hold fireworks show on Fourth

The Fourth isn’t the Fourth without fireworks on that day. It’s like celebrating Christmas without trees and presents.

Once again, the sponsors of Wichita’s Fourth of July fireworks display moved it away from the actual holiday. Last year our family was saddened not to have it on the Fourth. Then, we didn’t get to view the fireworks because we have a small child and they didn’t start until late because of the baseball game. We were surrounded by several other families who left for the same reason.

I am all for entertainment geared for adults. But this is a family holiday, and the sponsors need to keep in mind children under the age of 5 and their need for sleep.

So to those in charge: Keep it on the holiday, so the day is special. Do it just after dark to help out families with little ones. Don’t worry about having the fireworks with a baseball game. Baseball didn’t exist at the time of our revolution anyhow.



Not nuisance

I don’t know about the other people making calls about fireworks last year, but I would guess that most of them were genuine calls in which they feared their houses could catch on fire (“911 isn’t for nuisances,” July 1 WE Blog excerpts).

In my neighborhood, the calls weren’t about the legal fireworks you can buy and shoot in the Wichita city limits, but about show-grade fireworks that travel a couple hundred feet in the air and send glowing embers downwind.

If you want to shoot off such fireworks, that’s fine; just don’t do it in a densely populated neighborhood where they are a danger to other people. When you knowingly do something that is dangerous without regard for other people’s safety, that is tantamount to reckless endangerment.

Law enforcement officers should not enable those people. They should get out and enforce the law; it’s their job.

A nuisance? I don’t think so.



Outlaw fireworks

If some smoldering fireworks caused a house to burn and its inhabitants serious injury on July 1, what will happen on the Fourth when the city will look like a war zone? And if emergency 911 is overwhelmed, as it was last year? Will a whole neighborhood get burned to the ground?

Do we have to have a major catastrophe like that in order for our City Council to take responsibility and outlaw fireworks in Wichita? One City Council member told me that’s what it would take. What a shame to be in that position because of politics.



Humble ourselves

Our country was founded on biblical principles, but we as a nation have turned away from those principles.

The Declaration of Independence not only declared our independence from Great Britain but also declared our dependence upon God. We have been on a slippery slope for a long time and are now paying for leaving the Lord out of our lives.

God promised that if we humble ourselves and turn from our wicked ways, He will heal our land. This is our hope, and it begins with each of us. We need to fall on our knees and ask God to forgive our wickedness and live responsible lives.



Huge cost

“Not gateway” (July 3 Letters to the Editor) identified that cigarettes and alcohol are much larger problems in society than marijuana. That was also my conclusion from working 35 years as a clinical social worker.

I recently asked a cousin who runs a drug and alcohol treatment program in Oklahoma for his opinion on marijuana use. His reply: “I have never been punched out by a marijuana user.” Alcohol is a different story.

We finally admitted the health cost of tobacco and began to educate the public of its danger. But we still refuse to even seriously discuss the huge destruction and cost of alcohol use and abuse.



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