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06/27/2012 12:00 AM

06/26/2012 6:13 PM

St. John’s staff is second to none

Over the past few months I have noticed several articles regarding St. John’s Military School in Salina. I’d like to give an account of our experiences with the school.

Because of our family’s work activities, our children have had to attend many schools throughout the world. Recently it became evident that our family would be facing another relocation. In an effort to minimize the possibility of multiple school changes for our youngest son, we searched for a school that would provide a solid academic foundation as well as a caring and nurturing staff that would genuinely be interested in our son’s spiritual, physical and mental development.

Since our son first enrolled at St. John’s in August 2011, we have never been more thankful. Not only has our son grown in multiple dimensions through his positive experiences at the school, he has developed lasting friendships with the staff, students and local Salina residents. He has learned to further appreciate the various cultures from around the world and the diversity of the many U.S. students who attend St. John’s. We have found it to be a premier school that is operated and maintained by a staff that is second to none in its commitment to the development and growth of the cadets.


Baytown, Texas

Keep flights going

I am a former Wichitan who spent most of the first 69 years of my life there. Being a World War II vet, I find it shameful that such things as inefficiency, carelessness and internal bickering among the various Honor Flight factions would prevent the relatively few remaining WWII vets from enjoying a trip to Washington, D.C., to view the various war memorials (June 17 Eagle).

I now reside if western Colorado and have been a guest on a locally sponsored Honor Flight. It was unbelievably well coordinated and conducted, providing a 757-load of vets with a memorable experience – one that I hope can be shared with the remaining Wichita-area vets.


Grand Junction, Colo.

Just wait for ‘magic’

Reading about the problem with the Kansas driver’s license computers being so old they crash all of the time (June 23 Local & State), and having just dealt with the challenge with getting car tags because of problems with that computer system, I thought to myself: If you don’t like this hassle, just wait for the state’s lower income-tax revenues to work their “magic” on all state services and all of our state’s infrastructure. You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.



Vote for O’Connor

I attended the Sedgwick County Republican Party candidate forum last week and listened to the two candidates for district attorney. As an activist against child abuse, I’m supporting Kevin O’Connor.

O’Connor was passionate when he answered my question: As our DA, what are you willing to do to increase the prosecution rate of child sexual-abuse crimes? Part of his answer was to use Jessica’s Law. I personally lobbied for Jessica’s Law in 2005, and in 2006 it became law. Deputy District Attorney Marc Bennett has been quoted in the past raising concerns about Jessica’s Law.

Victims of child sexual abuse don’t want excuses; they want justice. We can count on O’Connor as our district attorney to get justice for innocent child victims and send a message that victimizing a child will not be tolerated in Sedgwick County.



Part of GOP plan

It is amusing to witness the hand-wringing over the projected deficits resulting from the Brownback tax cuts. Of course there are going to be huge deficits. Of course there will be massive reductions in funding for education, social services, infrastructure, etc.

That is the intention. That is the game plan. Haven’t you listened to the Republican rhetoric? Haven’t you noticed what Republicans are doing all around this country? They hate our government.

They want a government that maintains a huge military. They want a government that funnels the peoples’ resources to the elite few, suppresses popular dissent and monitors our bedrooms, doctors’ offices and private communications. They do not want a government of, by and for the people.

You voted for this. Now we are seeing our society dismantled, our freedoms curtailed, our democracy demolished, our government “drowned in a bathtub.” This is the tea partiers’ America, and they are just getting started.


Valley Center

Are extremists

Columnist Cal Thomas is now peevishly complaining that only conservative Republicans are branded as extremist (June 20 Opinion). “Extremism” is defined as the belief in ideas that are very far from what most people consider correct or reasonable.

When Democrats start denouncing or dismantling established scientific theories, birth control, gay marriage, social safety-net programs and public education, and when they embrace and actively encourage social Darwinism, the privatization of most government functions, the conversion of government into a Christian theocracy, and all efforts of the uber-wealthy and big corporations to amass even greater fortunes at the public’s expense, then by all means call the Democrats “extremists.”



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