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Endorsements: Kansas House

July 23 at 5:34 p.m.

The following are The Eagle editorial board’s recommendations in the contested area races for Kansas House. We offer these recommendations as information to consider as you make up your own mind about the candidates.

  • Eagle editorial: Measles’ scary comeback

    Sedgwick County and Kansas are seeing scary evidence of the continuing necessity of childhood vaccinations, even against diseases that seem lost to the past. As of Tuesday the county has had 11 confirmed cases of measles among 580 nationwide in 20 states this year – of a disease that the U.S. thought it had licked 14 years ago.

  • Eagle editorial: Judicial survey aids voters

    Asking attorneys what they think may be an imperfect means of assessing judicial performance in Sedgwick County, but the biennial survey conducted by the Wichita Bar Association and The Eagle provides important guidance for voters and good feedback for judges.

  • Kansas views on Davis GOP endorsers, voting barriers, school lunches

    Davis endorsers – More than 100 traditional Kansas legislators and their GOP allies came out for the Democratic ticket for governor. Whether this unprecedented step by seasoned Kansas politicians will have the effect they desire remains to be seen.

  • Eagle editorial: Are city and county doing enough on jobs?

    The proposed budgets unveiled last week at City Hall and Sedgwick County are laudably aimed at pushing through lean times without raising property tax mill levies. But is there more that local leaders should be doing to help the economy – that thing they all say they want to do when they run for office? If so, it’s time.

  • Eagle editorial: Prairie chicken plan misguided

    Gov. Sam Brownback’s plan for the state to raise and release lesser prairie chickens didn’t help his argument that Kansas should be trusted to protect the threatened species. It’s hard to be taken seriously when scientists are laughing.

  • Eagle editorial: Nice work on KPERS

    With a big assist from Wall Street, a decisive reform begun two years ago by state legislators and Gov. Sam Brownback is on track to improve the funding stability of the Kansas Public Employees Retirement System long term.

  • Eagle editorial: Future of free world at stake?

    Kansas has been getting a lot of attention for its plunging revenues amid a sea of states with surpluses, but who knew that “the future of the free world is at stake” in its gubernatorial election?

  • Eagle editorial: Voting ‘cure is worse’

    In signing off Friday on Secretary of State Kris Kobach’s galling plan to let some Kansans vote in some races and not others on Aug. 5, a judge concluded that “the cure is worse than the disease.” That’s an apt description of the law that Kobach sold as a remedy for voter fraud but that has created a barrier to voting for 19,500 Kansans.

  • Kansas views on budget shortfall, election, teacher licensing, Wefald Hall

    Budget shortfall – If the state meets its revenue projections through the end of the current fiscal year, which runs through June 30, 2015, it will end the year with about $25 million in the bank, based on projected expenditures. Meeting the revenue projections is not impossible, but it appears unlikely at this point. And by November, the state and political candidates should have a good idea whether the 2015 Legislature will have to take action on a budget remedy. Candidates should let the voters know before Election Day what they plan to do if it appears the budget is going to need some remedial action.

  • Eagle editorial: Preserve the state’s water supply

    Though it’s only a discussion draft and doesn’t include cost estimates, a Kansas “water vision” plan unveiled earlier this month is a valuable step toward preserving our state’s water supply.

  • Eagle editorial: Slawson leaves lasting mark

    A drive around Wichita is all it takes to confirm the positive and permanent mark on the community of oilman, developer, employer, civic leader and philanthropist Donald Slawson.

  • Eagle editorial: American Indian Festival enlivens Wichita

    Wichita owes its name and most iconic landmark, the Keeper of the Plains sculpture, to the area’s Native American heritage. But that culture is a thing of the present and future as well as the past – a fact that will be on colorful display for all to enjoy and learn from at the fourth-annual American Indian Festival at Century II Expo Hall on Saturday and Sunday.

  • Eagle editorial: Judge deserves rebuke

    The Kansas Supreme Court should follow a state panel’s recommendation and publicly censure Sedgwick County District Judge Timothy Henderson for violating judicial conduct rules. And voters should remember the rebuke if Henderson runs for office again.

  • Eagle editorial: Guard against racial profiling

    A third study finding that black motorists in Wichita are ticketed at disproportionately higher rates than whites should to lead to more efforts to guard against racial profiling and, it follows, foster public trust. Data collection and an advisory board, though essential, aren’t enough.

  • Eagle editorial: Preserve highway fund

    Americans are about to find out whether Congress can act when it must to keep from idling highway construction projects across the country.

  • Kansas views on job losses, suspended voters, Kobach-Schodorf, Kansas Chamber, same-sex marriage

    Job losses – Last November, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics showed Kansas had reached a postrecession high in total nonfarm employment with 1,384,900 jobs. But in the report ending in May, the number had fallen to 1,383,300, or a loss of 1,600 jobs. While that’s a small sum, Kansas was one of only five states in the nation to shed employment over that time. All of Kansas’ neighbors have done far better since November.

  • Eagle editorial: Wichita needs more big economic scores

    McConnell Air Force Base’s status as the future home of 36 new KC-46A tankers, celebrated at last week’s groundbreaking for $197 million in new construction, will boost Wichita’s economy and ego. But the community needs more big scores, and the competitive incentives it takes these days to recruit businesses and jobs. Can it get them?

  • Our sacred honor

    The Declaration of Independence expresses the will of a brave group of Americans who put their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor on the line to fight a monarchy that saw the oppression of its subjects as a divine right. Spend a few minutes reflecting upon the words of our nation’s founders as they made their case for human rights and freedom.

  • Eagle editorial: Can’t afford more tax cuts

    Before the state cuts income taxes further, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Paul Davis first wants to restore funding to public education. That’s admirable, though there is a more fundamental reason to put the brakes on more tax cutting: The state can’t afford it.

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